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Monday, March 17, 2014

Nine9style Clothes Review

I've wanted to order from nine9style since I first got into dolls, and after several years of cheaper, ill-fitting clothing I decided to take the plunge and see if nine9 really was everything I'd heard it would be. I like nine9style clothes because they are realistic and in-scale. There are no giant buttons like on clothes from Alice's Collections and similar taobao sites, which was a huge plus to me. I didn't order much this time around (Nine9 is pretty expensive), but I thought I'd share my experience with these few things.

The box!

Communication: 5/5
I received an automated confirmation email a few hours after my purchase. I received a shipping notice about a day after I ordered. I was pretty impressed.

Ease of payment: 5/5
I just went to the site, added crap to my cart, and paid via paypal.

Quality of items: 4/5
The only small flaw is that the white turtleneck is fairly see through, and needs a shirt under it or nips show through.

Now on to the fit! I wanted these things specifically for minifee, since they are a pain in the butt to clothe in realistic looking clothing (unless you want to pay $40 for a pair of doll pants).

White Turtle Neck

Fit: big and roomy, would work better for a boy.
Overall quality: 4/5

Brown Stockings

Fit: fine, like any other msd stocking really
Overall quality: 5/5

Black Pleat Skirt

This stupid skirt I've wanted since I got into the hobby, and I'm so glad I finally got it. It is a little roomy at the hips, but still looks really cute. I'm going to alter it to fit a bit better.

Fit: 4/5
Overall quality: 5/5

Nine9style order and reviewBlack Skinny Jeans

Ever slightly so roomy at the hip, but looks super great, especially under a corset. They have this extra little snap on the fly to help hold the pants closed and prevent that weird thing that happens with doll pants, where the fly always kind of sits open.

Fit: 4.5/5
Overall quality: 5/5

Little snap on the fly

And lastly…

Denim Shorts

Nine9style order and review

These are so cute, super short, utterly adorable. They also have that extra button thingy on the fly. Also a teensy bit roomy at the hips, but nothing noticeable under shirts and the fit is still really cute.

Fit: 4.5/5
Overall quality: 5/5

Freebie catalog:


Nine9style is great for affordable clothes for minifee that actually look like miniature human clothes. My biggest problem with pants for minifee is that if you want realistic ones, you have to go to Brennil or TTYA and pay like $40 a pop. If you don't mind them not being realistic, any of the etsy sellers make ones that either don't have buttons or are just leggings.

I paid in the neighborhood of $20 for most of these items, some a little more, some a little less. They're better than anything I've found on taobao so far, and definitely better than anything I've gotten from Dollmore. I could also just be biased. XD

Taobao is still good for shirts and socks and such, just fyi, and I'll have another big post coming up about that in a month or so, whenever the order gets placed and the stuff actually gets here.

Addendum: I also got the pleasure of owning some secondhand nine9style clothes I thought I'd discuss.

I have one of the basic tshirts, in pink. I bought it a long time ago. The stitching is amazing, but like the other light fabrics is a bit see-through.

I also got these jeans second hand. They are sooooo soft and perfect. Clearly worth every penny. The little top she's wearing is also nine9style, and it's utterly perfect. I really have a new favorite company for doll clothes!

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!


  1. I love seeing your clothing reviews!!! (Well ALL your posts really! =D) Can I make a suggestion regarding MNF girl jeans? Check out Belle's Doll Fashions on Etsy. She makes gorgeous AFFORDAB:E jeans for the Ellowyne Wilde dolls that fit Minifee's amazingly!!! (actually all of her EW items fit MNF pretty darned well! )

    1. Oh wow those look nice!! I'll have to try to pick up a pair this summer to test them out!! Thanks for sharing!


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