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Monday, January 26, 2015

More Hybrids: Heads on Supia Body

Here are a few other hybrids I've been messing around with. Pay little attention to the color match, as some parts are NS and some WS. This is just to show proportion and fit.

First up, a WS Supia Eunice head on a feeple 60 body. Range of motion is pretty dismal, but the proportion isn't terrible.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Note and Question for my Readers

Hi all! Just noting that I'm having some problems getting messages from the contact me app, so if I haven't responded in a few days send me a direct email to either: or bug me on flickr/yahoo

Secondly, I have a question from someone who needs to identifiy whether an IoS Shadow head is recast or not. If you own one of these heads legit, can you please comment below or email me with this info:

*Do the heads come with a plate/sticker on the back of the head?
*What should be carved inside the head?
*Did the head include a certificate of authenticty?
*Can you describe the resin, whether it's more pink/yellow, and whether it came in one specific shade?
*When was this head released?

I'll be doing some additional research on it myself, but I thought I'd put this out there in case anyone knew off hand.

Thanks and happy collecting!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

La Legende de Temps on Other Bodies

Woo! First post of the new year!!

Since LLT is known to work on SDgr bodies, pretty much any doll I've shown on this blog before will work with the LLT heads. They're all very close in neck size. LLT resin is in between yellow and pink, and to my eye and the light in my house it matches my pinker resin dolls better than my yellow ones. Don't take my advice on color matching as gospel for that reason- the lighting in my house is complete crap, so I could be a bit off.

LLT Red Dove/ Fantasy Doll Body (ny)

I was too lazy to remove the neckpiece and restring this body, so this will have to do for now. The color match is fairly close, however the LLT resin is pinker and paler than the Fdoll body resin. Proportion looks like it would be fairly okay as well. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm Alive!!

I've got some new dolls and some new post ideas I'm slowly working on, so expect some updates this month. I had my baby, and so with two kiddoes now it's harder to find time to dedicate to my hobby. *le sigh*

Here's my preliminary plan:

Hybrids: Supia/F60, Supia/Classy Doll, La Legende De Temps on Various Bodies

Posing comparisons: Moe F60 vs Regular F60, Supia vs the Feeples

Reviews: Another taobao review, Supia review, LLT review, Dollshe urethane eyes review,  and some other stuff as I get inspiration.

Currently saving up for some new dolls as well, so as I get them I'll be sure to do more reviews and comparisons. IF I can snag a legit AD dragon this year, I'll be doing a legit vs recast comparison of them. I may have access to a friend's recast F60 body soon for a review as well.

Happy new year!