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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Legit vs Recast Mnf Muscular Boy Comparison

I have a legit muscular boy as well as a recast muscular boy so I thought I would a comparison between them. I will summarize my thoughts into a few points, give my review, and then close with some comparison pictures.

Our subjects are a legit Vampire Chloe boy, and a recast Karsh boy, Hunter. Hunter is a recast. Both are normal skin.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Restringing Soom Tiny Centaur

As promised, here is my Soom Tiny Centaur Restringing Tutorial. This is my first time restringing one, and I haven't gotten the tension exactly right for my tastes. Next time's the charm! Pardon my dirty nails; it's MSC from spraying the hooves.

As a note, this is a recast centaur. Please reserve judgment, but don't post the pictures anywhere recasts aren't welcome.

Step 1: Take the Centaur Apart

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Rambling: My Taobao Experience

Taobao order review

Hi there! I have made a couple orders from Taobao and I've decided to review the shops I purchased from and the items for their quality, etc. The agent I use is Taobao Trends, and I could not be happier with them.

A bunch of stuff I ordered ended up not being in stock, which was really sad. Don't get your hopes up when you order, as a lot of stuff appears to be in stock but actually isn't.

I ordered two wigs from this shop: whp092029
I ordered 1/4 wigs. These were snug even on minifee with their smallish 7-8 heads. The fibers were soft, but the wigs were thin. This wig looks NOTHING like it's picture, even after styling.

Though the wigs are cheap, and not bad quality for the price, I would rather pay more for a better quality wig. I will avoid in the future.

I ordered several things from honeyshin including a cellphone, some little cakes, and some cat cellphone charms. The site is very difficult to navigate and it is difficult to tell the quantity of things you order. The little cakes were the wrong size (I requested the smaller ones and received the larger) but were very cute. I ordered a little present and some shopping bags (the description said 6 but I received 2 and the present was unwrapped and just crumpled up when I got it). The little items were sent in a small, cute tea tin.

I would order again in the future.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Restringing an SDgr Girl

Hi all! Here is a photo-tutorial for how to restring a Volks Sdgr girl. For this tutorial I strung her with the heeled leg parts, but it's the same basic restringing principle. Our helper is Roslin, a recast SDgr Lorina, face up by me.


For this tutorial, I used elastic, a thin cord to help guide the elastic through string channels, a hemostat, and s-hooks.

If you are restringing a recast, I suggest you get another set of s-hooks, as the ones the recasters send are not suitable and can limit movement (thanks to some bad hooks and too-thick string, one my girl's wrist balls snapped). I recommend going through Cool Cat on Ebay (I used D-sized and C-sized hooks in my Lorina). They were affordable and arrived relatively quickly.

Step 1: Unstring the Body

Here you will want to keep track of the pieces, especially which are the left and right sides. Volks marks the inside of most of the pieces with either an L or an R. Some pieces, like wrists and elbows, don't have markings. I haven't noticed a difference, so I assume there is no specific left or right versions and will work on either side.

Lorina Restringing