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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thoughst on two recent bjd, NO MORE HATE

There is a confession about pro-recast hypocrisy here .This confession is worth discussing.

Firstly, as Resinmuse noted, simply wishing for the existence of a certain recast is NOT the same as buying it for the intention of recast. No one in the thread discussed buying the doll to send it to be recast.

Secondly, as Resinmuse also noted, not all people who buy recasts have the same code of ethics. People have different morals and ethics no matter what groups they are a part of. Just because you disagree with those ethics doesn't necessarily make them wrong.

Things will always be at risk for bootlegging, theft, piracy, and copying when they are subject to limited availability and high prices. It's just the way things are. We are allowed to voice sadness at this and get excited about the possibility of attaining things, even if there is no way we could or even would (I think the Kinoko Juice doll is just darling, but I would not personally purchase a recast of one).

Then there is this confession.

To compare recast buying with such hot button issues shows a lack of common sense and is nothing but extremism, no matter what side of the debate you are on. Do not bully people for their views and beliefs or else you become exactly the things you hate. (I believe Nietzsche said something to that effect….and I apparently can't spell his name sooo...)

There are pro-recast people who are pro-life, just like there are anti-recast people that are racists. Having one belief does not preclude another. This is like the antiquated atheist vs Christian debate, as in just because you don't believe in a god all the sudden you're a child-sacrificing cannibal who kicks puppies and wants to murder everyone. Or alternatively… being a Christian automatically makes you an uneducated moron who wants to return to the Dark Ages and burn people at the stake. Or you're all Westborough Baptist Church. Seriously? Assuming does make an ass out of U and ME, so let's avoid it, okay?

I'm a pagan, I'm privately pro-life, politically pro-choice. I don't steal (even though some of you might disagree), but I have done so to survive. I don't lie. I don't cheat; I cheated once in 3rd grade, got caught, and had to go to confession so I never did it again. I did, and still do, stack the Candyland deck to make sure I make it to the Lollipop Princess first just because I think she's cute. I also happen to be very anal about Scrabble rules. I'm not racist. I have no opinion on the sex trade (when it is choice not forced). I've never attempted to summon the devil by sacrificing a black cat (though I had a black cat who recently died due to coyote attack), though I do tell fortunes via tarot cards and use Ouija boards. I try to be the best person I can be, though I know I have flaws. I've had a parking ticket, but I never speed. I also purchased bootleg dolls once upon a time. Yeah. I'm a real monster.While I no longer own the bootlegs and have since ceased buying them, the point of this remains the same:

Everyone has a story, a reason for their morals, a reason they are who they are. The fact that they are pro-recast or anti-recast doesn't mean a fucking thing. Both sides need to grow up and remember this.

Please, let's just stop the hate. 

I apologize for the rant.

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Slim Mini Shoe Review!

I adore shoes. I love them in my size, and I love them miniature. I'm especially a sucker for adorable heels. I'm making a list of different shoes and brands that fit minifee, Unoa, and JID girls (and similar sized minis), where I got them and what I thought of them. I will update this as I get more shoes to review. Hey, I need an excuse to buy more right? Check back for updates.If you have Den of Angels access, be sure to view the shoe thread for slim minis there as well.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fluff Post: My Addiction to Multiples of the Same Sculpt...Especially Chloes.

I have this thing for owning multiples of the same sculpt. It's like, I get one and suddenly I need fifty.

It doesn't help that my favorite sculpt is the sculpt I first fell in love with but tried to avoid. It's like I'm compensating by buying tons of them.

I have a Vampire Chloe (Nanuri 10) boy from Fairyland….and I'd kill for another to be his sister.I have a modded sleeping Chloe…and I'm saving for like three other minifee Chloes in white, normal and tan skins, plus a Feeple 65 Chloe. I'm lucky I don't like Chic Line dolls or Littlefee much anymore. They make a pukifee Chloe and I'll have to add her to the list…

I managed to snag a Nanuri A Chloe (dreaming elf) and found myself scouring the MP for more…I'd love to own like…three. At least. My Nanuri A doesn't even have a body yet (I also do this weird thing where I buy floating heads of the size/make of the dolls I have incoming).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday Feature: Willow

This week's Friday Feature is Willow, my personal favorite girl Karsh, who's owner is AtticFlowers.

"Meet Willow! She is a recast Fairyland MNF Karsh on a female body.

 She was purchased secondhand from another collector who needed to thin out the herd, so to speak.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sewing Tutorial: Minifee Sundress (Large bust, but can work for small bust)

Hi all! Sorry for the delays in posting. I've had a busy last few weeks (we're trying to buy a house and let me tell you, it is a pain in the butt), so I haven't been able to write anything. Here is a delayed but fun tutorial in time for spring for a Minifee Sundress (I'm sure this can be modified to work with any doll).

The minifee version of this pattern was inspired by an existing pattern called Robe Soleil, located at MHD Designs here. "This ensemble is based on a fashion pattern from MHD Designs." The originator of the pattern has asked to be credited, so there ya go!

This pattern is incredibly versatile. As the original creator noted, you can change the length of the skirt panels, add more panels, change the shape of the halter, add ruffles, hem the skirt, leave the skirt to fray, etc.