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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Feeple 60 Moe Girl Shoe Post

Here's some of the shoes I've tried on my girl and the brands if I know them. I'll also note whether or not she can stand in them! I have a few more pairs still to try, so I'll update when I get around to testing those. I have a pair of nine9 style boots to try next as well. I'll be posting this pic on flickr and DoA as well.

  1. D Tale white heels: cute enough, and fit with tissue in the toe. Can stand in them.
  2. Angel Studio pink heels: They fit okay. With some stuffing in the toes they'd fit fine, imo. Not enough to be super picky about. Stands solidly in them.
  3. Snake Eye heels: Her toes don't quite come to the end of the shoe, but I still think they look really cute. She can stand in both pairs of these shoes I have (I have these pink and white ones and a black pair).
  4. MVS SD16 heels: These are pretty much perfect. There is a teensy bit of gapping at the toe, but they look good. Stands comfortably in them, more than in a lot of the other shoes I tried.
  5. TWTell Floral Heels- There is a bit of space at the toe,  but they don't really fit anybody around here. She can stand in them (none of my other girls can).
  6. D Tale black heels: These are a bit too big. In order to get them to fit, you'd definitely have to put tissue in the toe. It's quite noticeable they have some gapping. Can stand in them.
  7. Dollheart Flat Shoes: I tried these on her flat feet and they are waaaaay too big.
  8. Unknown purple heels- Definitely too big. Lots of gapping, and even tissue wouldn't make them look quite right.
  9. Unknown black flats: HUGE. Definitely don't fit.
  10. Unknown red heels- Definitely too big. Lots of gapping, and even tissue wouldn't make them look quite right. 
  11. Black Dollheart Flats: No pic yet, but these fit and she can stand in them in her flat feet.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Should you get a recast as your first doll?

Probably the last post for a bit. My baby is due in a couple weeks so I might not have the time or energy to put into any useful posts for the next month or two.

There's a few things you will want to consider before deciding on a recast as your first. My answer has always been no, even when I was a pro-recast supporter. Here are a few things I thought of when I was into recasts and a few thoughts after I left that part of the hobby. This is just my opinion, it's not gospel, and I'm not billing it as anything other than my opinion and experience. Your mileage may very of course. Yes I'd like to sway you towards buying legit instead, but I'm also objective enough to see the good points of recasts.

I'll probably update this as I come up with more ideas or change opinions on things. XD

Reasons you might want a recast for your first:

Reason #1: I just want a cheap doll to test out the hobby.

There are some absolutely adorable, cheap (sometimes cheaper than recast) dolls out there to buy, and I'm not even talking about Resinsoul or Bobobie. You may need to do a little research or check out the following list of dolls under $300.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Miniature D&D Books

There is a great thread on DoA regarding this, but I ended up making my own miniature books before I found that one. I will update this with some better pictures as soon as I can. There are some rare, amazing miniature D&D books out there, but those can go for $100+ a set, which I just don't have the funds for. *sigh* So, I make do with these.