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Monday, February 24, 2014

Money Shaming in the BJD Hobby

Here is a rant. With Memes. Because people like pictures, and people like memes.

I see tons of posts on groups and forums with people commenting on or calling into question another member's spending habits. It's one of the rudest things someone can do to someone else in this hobby- plus it's just socially inappropriate and awkward.

(I know there are a few cultures out there where it's okay to discuss things like this or even career salary, but in a great many more it is NOT okay. Consider where you posting before opening  your mouth.)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

On Steampunk and Hamilton, my Steampowered Pseudodragon

So far my little Lord Hamilton (Gizmo, as Mr. Amaranth calls him) is coming along quite nicely. I wasn't sure I could pull this mod off, but he's really looking great so far. I'm really proud of myself.

Note: There are watermarks on the images because if people are going to use them/steal them, I want those who view them to know where they can come to get real, accurate info regarding the stuff in the pictures. 
Working on my dining room/project table that we never actually dine on. This is my mess.
I am not proud of this mess. XD

List of stuff still to do:

*Dye him a base color
*blush and seal
*paint additional details
*Complete clock-wings
*Finish the goggle/monocle
*Make the top hat
*Order a dragon eye for the right eye
*Is that actually all that's left to do?!! @___@

Stuff that's finished:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Steampunk Dragon Mod Project- Hamilton, a WIP

I've been working on a steampunk dragon mod using the Aileen Doll Ashes recast I received from S/L last month.So far, I've drilled the guidelines for what will eventually become his epoxy weld lines with bolts and such and opened his eyes. One eye was damaged after the lid shattered, due to a weak cast. I'll be covering it with a monocle when I find the right parts.

I drilled out the hole for the clockwork, windup key thingy tonight. I need to make it just a touch wider so that I can line the hole with epoxy and prevent the key from digging into the resin. It can be removed, and it can turn a full 360 degrees. I'm pretty pleased with it so far.

Once I get all weld lines and epoxy additives done, I'll dye the doll a coppery color. Then, I'll blush him and paint him. When that's all done all add the rest of his gears and such and other epoxy add-ons.

(I apologize for the large water marks on the photos, but I'd like people to know where they can find this info, and with one blog already using my stuff without crediting me, I kinda have to do this. Sorry.)

steam dragon 1

steam dragon 2

Monday, February 10, 2014

Doll In Mind Benetia and Becca Box Opening Video

Thanks for viewing! I'm working on my video stuff and should have some video tutorials soon!
In case the video isn't working for you (it's not for me, but my computer doesn't always let me view vids embedded into sites and stuff, here's the direct link:

How EMS Works and Tracking *USA BASED*

For some reason, you cannot get detailed tracking info through EMS Track Trace for packages leaving China. They say they cannot full integrate China due to technical reasons. So for contrast purposes, I'm going to post screen shots from an order placed with a Korean company.

I've edited my tracking numbers for privacy, as well as the detailed city information where applicable.

Most things you get from outside of the country will come without tracking, or EMS with tracking. This post covers how EMS works, how to track it, and what the updates mean.


What is EMS?
EMS is Express Mail Service. The US equivalent is Priority Mail International. It's expensive as hell, and all packages over a certain weight and dimension are required to be sent Priority Mail out of the States (this is why postal charges for mailing things out of the US start at a minimum of $30 usd).

How fast is EMS?
EMS is pretty fast. It usually takes around a week at most to ship from the origin country to US customs. Sometimes, weather, holidays, or other issues can cause shipping delays. Packages from Korea tend to arrive in the States within 3-5 days after acceptance at the origin post. Packages from China tend to take 5-7 days, occasionally more.