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Monday, March 3, 2014

30 DAY BJD meme: Day 2

Do you own any dolls? If so, how many?

Heh. I own a decent amount of dolls. I'd consider this a fairly average collection, not as large as some, and will probably be bigger at some point. I tend to change it up a lot, and many dolls come and go as my wants and needs change.

Total dolls if you count floating heads as full dolls: 17

This is my current doll family (I think this is everyone, lol):

The SDs

Top Row: Junko (CP Soony), Alora (FL Nanuri A), Roselynn (SDgr Lorina)
Bottom Row: Jack (F60 Mirwen), Jill (F60 Chloe), Bo (SDgr Kira)
legit Feeple 60 Chloe
legit Feeple 60 Mirwen
r SDgr Lorina No longer own
Legit CP Soony
Legit Feeple 60 Elf Chloe (limited Nanuri A) head
R Volks Kira head

The MSDs

Top Row: VE Celine, Hugin (VE Chloe), Rose Red (Mnf Chloe)
Bottom Row: Faustina (DiM Becca), Claudia (DiM Benetia), Zoey (Mnf Chloe)

legit VE Chloe
Legit Celine head
Legit SP Chloe mod head w/recast body
Legit DiM Benetia head
Legit DiM Becca head
Legit FL Juri 08 head
r mnf Chloe on DC Alberta body

The Anthros

Top row: Grimalkin (Pipos Cheshire), Lord Hamilton (AD Ashes)
Bottom Row: Melancholy (zzdf Toya), Minion (AD Ashes)

R Pipos Cheshire
R Aileen Doll Ashes
R Aileen Doll Ashes #2
Legit zuzu delf Toya, limited Alice

Plans/wishlist: Migidoll Ryu, another F60 Mirwen boy, bodies for all the floating heads, ltf Chloe to be Jack and Jill's daughter, F65 Chloe, at least two more dragons for a couple more mod ideas I have, perhaps some more Chloe's to mod into vapmires, and an art doll or two. I'd kill for Bat Children Noa or even just a regular Noa. I dunno. My wants and needs change so much this could be different tomorrow, lol. I'm pretty impulsive with my doll habits.

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