I do not make, sell, or traffic in bootleg/recast dolls or any other product.

I do not provide information on where or how to buy them.

Any recast information on this blog is for information purposes only, for identifying recast products on the second hand market.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Aileen Doll Ashes Recast Identifiers [revised]

New information about recent Ashes dragons at the end of this post. (As of Jan 2014).

Monday, December 23, 2013

Restringing Aileen Doll Ashes

Here is a tutorial for restringing an Aileen Doll Ashes. This guy is a recast, just to let you know so you don't share this where it's not welcome.

As usual, my disclaimer: Don't ask me where or how to buy. I don't distribute.

To start, I should note that I didn't do this right…when the tutorial says to put the wings on first, DON'T. Instead, do the arms first then the wings. My dragon's wing snapped because I put it on first.

Second note: You will use one piece of elastic to string both arms and the wings. I tried to take clear pictures of this, so if you need more explanation go ahead and comment here.

I haven't been checking emails due to anxiety (I hate dealing with email), so if you have emailed me, I'll get to it eventually, I promise!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another bjd dyeing tutorial- this time with LOTS of pictures

[Note blogger was being stupid and I can't seem to get rid of some of the weird linking. T___T]

Minion needed to be pink. I bought two boxes of RIT Petal Pink for this project.

Time needed: 1-3 hours
(Depends on your water to dye ratio, the size of your pot and amount of pieces you're going to fit in there, and how vibrant you want your color.)

Okay, so see this post here for materials and stuff. I tried to take much better pics this time.


  • This is pretty much permanent. I don't recommend this unless you're a fairly seasoned modder or have an easily replaceable doll just in case something goes wrong.
  • Someone asked me why their dye turned their doll a bizarre gray color- I don't have an answer for that, but I do think it either had to do with the metal in their pot or that the dye was old.
  • Some areas aren't going to take the dye evenly, and some will end up darker and lighter than others. How noticeable this is depends on how saturated your color is. You can usually hide this via blushing, but I think it adds character.
  • Wear and tear is going to happen, and the dye, just like paint, will wear away over time. You'll have to do touch ups on occasion if this bothers you.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Amaranth's Guide to Filter Masks Part 1

I am by no means a professional. I did some research on DoA (there are really great threads with good information there), as well as on the internet. Knowing that many people don't have access to DoA, I thought I'd do a simple hobbyist's guide to filter masks. I tried to keep it really simple and not wordy.

Here is part 1, just some basic Q & A and terms. I'll go into detail about numbers and what they mean in the next post.