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Monday, September 2, 2013

They're Creepy… and You Shouldn't Care

People who have little no self-confidence are easily hurt and swayed by the actions and opinions of others. In the desperate need to find value in themselves, they turn to others for their approval. When they share something like a doll picture, the comments on that picture could spell doom for that person.

They're creepy.

My response: So fucking what?

Seems to be a trend for me lately....
Seriously. Why does it bother you so badly to have someone tell you they find your precious little resin munchkin creepy? Tons of people have doll phobia. Tons of people have no tact. If something is posted and comments are an option, people are going to assume you're sharing that photo for one or more of the following reasons:
  • You want to draw attention to it
  • You want attention by sharing it
  • You want opinions on it
Why else do we share photos? We want acknowledgement. Don't want comments? Post them on another site and disable commenting. Problem solved. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them rude or cruel. People often say things in type that sound harsher than they meant. This is because we don't have the benefit of voice inflection, tone, and body language to tell us what was meant by a particular sentence.

If someone has a history of being rude to you, consider blocking, unfriending, or otherwise limiting their posting. I have certain people hidden because I don't want to see their posts. I have certain people prohibited from seeing or posting on my pictures and statuses (statisi?). There are ways to corral the drama, unless of course you're secretly seeking it, for whatever reason.  

I keep hearing this, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." That applies pretty much everywhere but the internet. If I post a picture on facebook, people are going to comment. They aren't going to say, "Oh my god you look like a cow" or "Oh my god what an ugly baby", usually because they have enough sense not to say hurtful things about another person to that person. They will say things like: "What an ugly statue." "Graveyards creep me out." "That doll is creepy." Why? Because those things are inanimate objects without feelings.

Because I'm totally an excited Rainbow Dash inside my
gloomy, gothy, confrontational hippy exterior.
I post pictures of my dolls, 99% of the time people comment about how pretty the doll is and rarely that is followed by a "that's creepy" comment. If I took every single thing someone else said about something I liked or did personally, I'd never do anything at all. By the same token, I don't have a lot of likes, comments, faves, etc of my pictures no matter where I share them. I'm okay with that. Just like I don't need others to tell me it's ok, I don't need them to kiss my ass either. Certainly pics and faves make me feel really good (OMG someone likes my picture!!!! <3 <3), but I don't need them to continue playing with my dolls and photographing them. Another point, I don't even know how many views on this blog are 'real' views and which are bots....

I dressed goth, even though I was teased, mocked, and treated badly for it. Eventually, people came to appreciate it. That or I just started tuning out the haters and began to hear all the awesome comments. Do you know how many old ladies came up to me saying, "You go girl. I wish I would have done this when I was your age"? A dozen. At least.  Know how many said I looked terrible or scary?

 I have no idea, because I wasn't listening to them.

Where do we draw the line? At what point does a harmless off-hand comment become something more? I'll tell you.

If you ask someone to stop, to not say anything more, and they continue to do so despite knowing that it hurts your feelings, THAT is where the problem lies. The fact they don't respect your feelings and continue on is the issue. What they say isn't necessarily the problem. It's kind of a symptom of the internet. Does that make it ok? No. Does that make it bad? No. It's just something that is.

But, if you surround yourself with people who don't respect you and continue to hurt you, you will continue to be met with hatefulness.

On my facebook, I have Evangelical Christian friends, witch friends, pro and anti abortion friends, friends who like Queen, friends who hate Sabbath, friends who voted for Obama and friends who keep posting about dropping off the grid…. and you know what? We all coexist.

I <3 this picture.
When someone posts an offensive article and asks for discussion, we discuss. When someone posts something and points out it isn't for discussions, just for lolz or whatever, it's left alone. If someone was really offended by something I've posted, we've discussed it via PM. I had a friend who was very hurt by a post I made. He just needed to be reminded the post wasn't a direct, personal stab at him. We're good. We're still friends. We talk about painting miniatures and leave our politics out. We still disagree about the post, but we're ok, because we're mature adults who recognize when it is ok to disagree.

I have people who hate my dolls, love my dolls, are scared by my dolls. I'm not bothered by what they say. Maybe that's because I have confidence in myself. I don't need others' approval, and neither do you.

You are awesome just as you are, and you don't need anyone else to tell you that. Except me. Because I'm awesome. Now  collect your toys, have teaparties, share your pictures, and give the finger to anyone who tells you to do otherwise.

In all fairness, some people really need to remember: 

(And here's the link in case the embedding doesn't work:

Happy collecting!


  1. For someone who actively tries to make their dolls creepy, I say take it as a big compliment! Creepy isn't a bad, it's an awesome thing. :)

    1. I totally agree! Some of my dolls are intentionally creepy, some aren't, some try to be but don't quite make it. ;) Love 'em creepy!!

  2. Awesome little rant, mirrors how I feel in a lot of respects.

  3. My hubby has a mild doll phobia (he blames Child's Play). He thinks my BJD Ai is creepy. I think she's gorgeous. As long as the dolls never enter our bedroom, hubby's happy--so I'm happy. :)

    1. Lol, our hubby's are pretty patient guys I think to tolerate this hobby XD Mine is fortunately not super bothered by them anymore, but a lot of my family is.


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