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Sunday, March 2, 2014

30 DAY BJD meme: Prompt 1

So, been bored with my blog stuff lately. Decided trying to do the photo a day blog with a toddler is not the smartest idea in the world, so I'm stopping that. I'm going to do these challenge things for awhile, until I get bored with those too. XD They won't be everyday, just weekly or a couple times a week, I dunno. No one reads these things anyway, lmao. But eh. I need the writing practice to keep sharp.

Prompt #1: Why do you like bjds?

I like bjds because they are beautiful. I like to look at them, touch them, play with them. I like to style their hair and their clothes. I love that they are a source of creativity for me. I never knew I could sculpt or paint anything, let alone something as complex as a human face. No, I'm not perfect, and I doubt I ever will be. I do enjoy working on them though. Sewing frustrates me, but sculpting and painting and modding are by far the greatest things ever.

I don't care for other types of dolls really, and I never really have. I had barbies as a girl, but they were always tools to enact the stories I'd write or movies I'd seen. I had American Girl dolls, but for me the best part was all the tiny, realistic props. I made my doll a bed, books, all kinds of things. I loved miniatures, and I still do. I feel like bjds are a fairly "grown up" doll. I don't feel as silly owning them or playing with them as I would any other kind of doll. This is not to say I think ill of anyone who does enjoy other types of dolls, just that they aren't for me.

Bjds are like real, tiny people with lots of adorable miniature things. That's why I love them.

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