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Monday, December 15, 2014

Retro Review, Alice's Collections: not the place to go for hard-to-clothe slim minis

In this review, I want to go over some of the many items I've purchased from Alice's Collections.

Speed: 4/5; my previous orders from them were all very quick, maybe a week or two at most. Unsure of current shipping times.
Communication: 5/5
Quality: 3/5 (most items don't fit well, but are sewn well from decent fabrics)
Ease of payment: Super easy.


I'm very particular about the clothing my dolls wear these days. I would rather pay more, sometimes a lot more, for an item that looks like a miniature version of the things I would wear than pay less for something that doesn't quite achieve that. A lot of doll clothes don't quite achieve the level of realism I prefer. Some things are realistic, some aren't exactly perfect. Many of the clothes that came from this store have over-sized, out of scale buttons and cheaper cuts. Not all of them are this way, however.

I don't mean to insult anyone, and if you like Alice's Collections clothes that is all that matters.

There are quite a few things I can't wait to try on my dolls, since they weren't available when I placed my first orders a couple years ago. However, I'll be getting most of those items on taobao to save money. This brings me to the next important point....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Super Quick Body Comparison

Here's some super quick comparison pics between the Classy Doll 54cm girl body (I think, I may have ordered the 60cm but never got a confirmation so I have no idea) with the medium bust, the Feeple 60 Moe body, and the Feeple 60 body with medium bust. I have plans to do a more intensive post later with my Fdoll girl body in the near future.

All three girls are in heels of approximately the same heights. The Classy Doll body falls right in between the two F60 bodies height-wise. She's quite petite. Her waist is slimmer, as are her shoulders. Her hips seem about the same. Her bust and bottom are more voluptuous, and she has more tummy definition and more detailed sculpting on her hands.

In my opinion, the Moe and Classy Doll bodies are cuter than the basic F60 body (the dimples on the Moe butt just kill me; they're so cute). The Moe body is the sturdiest and heaviest.


Sorry for the weird angle. My belly is HUGE (39 weeks pregnant today, yay) so I can't get down on the ground to take better ones. XD

Classy Doll vs Feeple 60
Left to right: Feeple 60, Classy Doll, Moe Feeple 60