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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Amaranth's Guide to Fairyland (under construction)

*Updated 1/19*
Some of the information about Fairyland is just plain confusing, and it was confusing as hell for me when I first got into dolls too. Some of you may have even tried finding this info on FL's site, but found it too overwhelming.
I've put in as much information as I can recall off the top of my head, and I will update as I find out more.

I do not know much about the smaller sizes. I'm more versed in Minifee and Feeple 60, since I own both. 

To find a specific section, either search the blog or click Ctrl/CMD+F and type in one of these keywords: Wigs, Eyes, Clothes, Hybrids, Tiny, MSD, YoSD, SD. You can also search the specific sculpt or size you are looking for (example: Chloe or Minifee).

I hope this helps. It'll still probably be a TL;DR situation, but it should at least help newbies get a better handle on the information out there about Fairyland. It can definitely be intimidating!

Edit: Do not ask me how much these dolls go for or where or how to buy them. This is to help doll collectors be aware of what is and is not available recast currently. It is also to help the new fairyland fan find their way around this amazing company.

Basic Information:

  • Pukifee, pukipuki, realpuki, littlefee, Chic Line, and F65 have faceplates with headbacks.
  • Minifee and Feeple 60s have full heads, not face plates.
  • Recast skin tones: Normal Pink matches the best. My legit parts generally match this color. Do not just say "normal skin" or you could end up with normal yellow.
  • All FL dolls have amazing posing. Minifee A-line poses better than Minifee B-line (A-line is double jointed, where B-line is single)
Fairyland has some tiny sized dolls: pukifee, pukipuki, and realpuki.
  • Pukifee are approximately the same size as a Lati Yellow, and can wear clothes and wigs marketed for Lati Yellow dolls.
  • Recasters have: Pukifee Ante, Pongpong, and Luna.
  • Recasters have: Realpuki Soso.
  • Recasters have: Pukipuki Ante.
  • Other recasters may have other sculpts (I know at least one has Cupid in several versions).

Yo-SD sizes:
  • These dolls are called Littlefee.
  • They have Luna, Lewi, Chloe, El, Bisou, Flora, Pongpong, and Ante.
  • They do have some option hands, but I'm not clear on which ones they have.
  • Littlefee have magnetic feet and hands. 
  • Sleeping face plates are available recast for at least one sculpt, I think Luna.
  • Littlefee use a face plate system, rather than a full head system. 

The real confusion and lack of research tends to center around the Minifee, however….

MSD sizes: approximately 42cm, give or take.

Minifee heads available recast:
    Chloe, Rheia, Seorin, Woosoo, Rena, Soo, Eliya, Mirwen, Shushu, Karsh, Celine, Lishe, El, Ante, Rin, Sarang event head
    Sleeping heads: Currently only Chloe has a sleeping head available as recast. Rumor says Celine   and Ante may have sleeping heads.

S/L have the following bodies:

Event items that have been recast:Sarang minifee heads, possibly Sarang tiny heads, minifee quiver, and minifee glove hands. They also have the event bow as well as Rin's sheep ears and hooves.

A-line boy
  • At least one recaster does have muscle and non-muscle boy.
  • All girl heads work on the boy bodies.
  • The muscle body has major shrinkage in my personal experience, doesn't seem to be the case for others all the time.
  • They do not have the other "boy" option hands.
  • They have many option hands for minifees, boys and girls, including the minifee event glove hands.
 B-line Boy
  • The B-line body does not have a torso joint.
  • The B-line body does not have a neck mechanism and requires an s-hook to attach heads.
  • The B-line body does not have magnetic hands. Hands are attached using S-hooks. 
Moe Boy
  • There is now currently a  Moe version of the boy body available. 
  • It is not currently recast. As of 3/16/15 the Moe line boy body is recast.
  • An event item of a single piece male torso was available for this body until 5/31/14, not sure if it will be available in the future. 
    A-line girl
    • Recasters have two busts confirmed: Full (Moe) bust, and Large Bust (measures 16.5). They have NO OTHER busts at this time. (Other recasters may have a small bust option, but I'm not 100% sure.)
    • FL has FIVE busts: Full (Moe), Glamour (16.0 cm), Large (16.5 cm), Small, and Cutie.
    • All boy heads work on the girl body.
    • Recasters have one leg type: cutie leg. 
      • Fairyland has two leg types: Cutie and Model. B-line girls only have model-style legs. Recasters do not currently have model legs.
      • Model legs are slightly taller than cutie legs.
      • Boys and girls can use each others legs.
    • You can use the Moe hands on this body.
    • Recasters have many option hands available for minifee magnet wrists, including the limited glove hands. [Currently looking for the picture of them all; I had it and then lost it.]
    B-Line Girl (unsure if any recasters have this body, putting here for reference purposes):
    • B-line, or beautiful line, bodies are single jointed. 
    • The torso is a single piece on the b-line. You cannot change the bust on a b-line body. 
    • Hands are not magnetic on the b-line body, and require s-hooks. You can change the b-line body to use A-line wrist magnets and hands. 
    • B-line girls are taller than A-line girls.
    Moe Line Girl
    • Double jointed body, does not have a waist joint
    • Poses as well as, and according to some better than, a line minifee.
    • Comes default with #9 when purchased recast. [Edit: It now seems to come with #4 by default.]
    • Legit Moe Line girls will have magnets in their bust pieces.
      • Recasts sometimes do as well. 
    • Moe girls have smaller feet, and can wear some yoSD shoes.
    • Direct from FL, you may currently order only the large and full bust options.
      • During certain events, you can order the other busts, cutie or small for example, on the Moe body or the large Moe bust on a regular a line body.
    • You can interchange busts between A-line and M-line bodies, though FL says there may be some fitting issues.
    • There is no boy option for Moe. Edit: FL now has a moe boy option. I do not know of any recasts of this body.
    • You can use regular A-line heeled feet for this body, however you will need the A-line ankle joints.
    • FL makes a magnetic heeled foot part the same size as the regular a-line heeled feet. It is not available recast.
      • You can purchase magnetic ankles from FL for use with the regular a-line body.
    • There is only one leg type for Moe.
      The Hands:
      Option hands currently available for minifee are: #4, #8, #9. (There are several other types available now from various recasters, though I do not know the exact numbers. Picture forthcoming.)

      The Busts: Note: Option C, or glamour bust (the 16 cm bust), is not pictured atm. It will be soon. Bust images come from FL's site.

      A. Cutie bust. They do not have this bust.
      B. Small bust. They do not have this bust.

      D or Large Bust. Recasters do have this bust.

      E/Full/Moe Bust. Recasters DO have this bust.
        Chic Line (currently not recasted, putting here for reference purposes):
        More information coming about Chic line as I learn about them. Right now, there are no chic line available for recast.
        • Chic line are shorter than minifee.
        • Chic line have a couple different bust options.
        • You can use minifee and littlefee heads on the body (google for pictures of this)
        • At least one recaster does have Chic Line Lishe, so be aware of that. 
        SDs: 60cm+
        Feeple 60
        • There is only one body type for F60 girls. There is no such thing as a Moe Feeple 60. Update: There is a Moe Version of this body. It will be addressed below. Recasters now have both Feeple 60 girl bodies.
        • FL offers two busts for Feeple 60: large and normal; there is now a Moe bust which is different than regular large and normal.
        • Recasters only have the large bust feeple 60 girl body and the Moe girl body.
        • Recasters only have the Feeple 60 Mirwen, Chloe, Rin, Sionna, and Celine heads.
        • Recasters do not have option hands for F60. You may be able to use the F65 hands on this body. Recasters now have the Moe hands for F60.
        • Recast F60s only come with the pointy finger hand. (A fairly odd choice for hand choice when not purchasing other option hands, so if you're buying a secondhand F60 body this may be something to look out for.)  Now that the jackasses have the new Moe Feeple 60, they've got a different pair of hands too, so this can no longer be relied upon as a sole indicator of recast status.
        • Boys have several body types (three I believe), ranging from muscle to normal.
          • There is a strange occurrence of one other type of boy body released for about 24 hours before FL pulled the sales and cancelled all orders. We've seen no sign of this boy since.
        • No recasters have boys at this time.
        • All boy heads can work on the girl body and vice versa.
        Medium F60 bust.
        The DO NOT have this bust.
        Largest F60 bust option.
        They DO have this bust.

        Feeple 60 Moe Girl:
        • Currently, there is no boy version of the Moe F60 body.
        • All option hands for regular feeple 60 work on this body, and the Moe hands work on the regular F60 body.
        • This body has magnetic feet, and during the release event came with tiny heeled feet and shoes. These can be purchased separately. 
        • There is only one bust option available, a bust different from those currently available for feeple 60.
        • The body is shorter than feeple 60 with wider hips. For the most part, they can wear the same clothing. The height difference seems to be principally in the legs.

          Legit F60 w/ Medium bust on the left, Moe Body on right.
        • For the release period, there were limited Elf Celine and Rin heads, as well as an Elf Soony. Elf Celine and Rin were only released if you purchased a fullset or two and spent a couple $$ dollars to get them. 
        • Some heads seem to fit better on this body than others. Some report wobbling with the Chloe heads. My Miyu head fits fine.
        • Recasters, sadly, now have this body.
        Feeple 65
        • Recasters have the F65 boy Roke head. They do not have F65 boy body.
        • Recasters have the large bust F65 girl body.
        • They have Chloe and Siean heads. 
        • At least one recaster has Chloe's event human face plate.
        • They have Chloe's event arm.
        • The recast F65 is not strung according to FL's specifications and lacks the posing ability of the legitimate F65.
        • Many, many hybrids are possible. I would suggest using google, flikr, den of angels, and castaways as starting points for this kind of research. Many group members of the Haven on facebook have hybrids they can share.
        • I can confirm via personal experience that:
          • F60 heads look a bit too small on F65 bodies, and the necks require a little modding.
          • Many MSD heads, including Resinsoul, Soom, Unoa, and Doll in Mind work on the minifee body.
        • Pukifee- 5-6
        • Pukipuki- 3-4
        • Realpuki- (unsure)
        • Littlefee wear 6-7 wigs (sometimes smaller or larger depending on the brand)
        • Minifee wear 7-8 or 6-7 depending on the brand. I prefer 7/8s for scale, and I think 6-7s look too small. here are some pictures of a 7-8 vs 6-7 wig on a minifee Chloe.
        Happy Chamille Wigs
        6-7 Happy Camile Wig

        Happy Chamille Wigs
        7-8 Happy Camile Wig
        Minifee can usually wear between 12-16mm. It depends on the eye, the style you want, and the size of the doll's eye. Here is a Chloe in a 12 mm eye for a size example:

        Feeple 60 can usually wear between 14-18mm. You can view my Eyes Post here for more examples.

        Here are a few examples:

        Littlefee Chloe in default Latidoll eyes, about 14mm.

        Jill's New Face Up
        Chloe in 18mm

        Jack and Jill- finished face ups!
        Mirwen in 16mm

        jack and jill 2

        • For minifee look for Slim Mini clothes. Regular MSD clothes will not fit. They will be too baggy and boxy, and shirts will often be too short.Tailoring may fix these issues.
          • Lorifina shoes and shoes for Tonner 22" will fit.
          • Some Evangeline Ghastly and Ellowyn Wilde clothing will fit.
        • Feeple 60s can wear anything marketed for SD10/SD13, and fit best in SD13 clothes. SD16 is usually too big. They can wear SD16 heels. 
          • F60 is essentially the same as the old Delfs, just slightly updated. Anything made for Delfs should fit them and vice-versa. 
        • Littlefee can usually wear most YoSd clothes, in my experience, but some will be a little on the big side.
        • Pukifee can wear latiyellow clothes. There are tons of clothes options available for them on etsy and taobao.

        This is just a start, and I hope it helps a little bit. More info as I get time to work on this. Thanks for reading!


        1. Do you think S/L will ever sell the cutie bust on minifee?

          1. Honestly, I don't know. I don't know what the recasters are planning on ordering. XD Generally though, if they see enough interest in something they try to get it, so I imagine if enough people contact them about it they'd try.

        2. Hey not all of your pictures load, I thought I might tell you. (At least on the mobile version) and I've seen this happen in a few threads. The only fix I know of is to remove each photo and replace it again. (This is time consuming and I'm not saying you have to do it, but it does take away from the helpfulness of your articles) this is only constructive criticism and is not intended to be rude! I only with to help you! It can be impossible to keep track of all your pages.

          1. Ah crap! Thank you for pointing this out. XD I was cleaning out my flickr the other day and may have accidentally removed these. I'll look into it and get it fixed. Thank you so much! <3 <3

        3. Hey, I'm curious, but what size wig do you think the Feeple doll wears? I've always wondered that...

          1. Which feeples? Feeple 60s wear 8-9s in my experience, and can wear some 9-10s if they run small and have a wig cap. F65s generally wear 8-9s from what I can tell as well.

        4. Could you put a Littlefee Head in a Minifee body? I've been wondering about it and I don't have MNF or LTF to confirm... Thank you

          1. Hi, yes you you should be able to, but the littlefee has a different neck connector than the minifee. The Fairyland Image Blog did the head swap. Since minifee head can go on Chic Line body and Littlefee Head can go on Chic Line body, it follows the neck measurement will work. I think proportion wise it might be a tad small, bt I'm actually a terrible judge of scale. I hope this helps!

            You can see pictures here:


            Be sure to check the blog for a couple o ther posts they made about this!

        5. Recasters basically have every fairyland bodypart now, so this should be updated soon

          1. Yes, it's actually quite sad. I haven't had the time to go back and update this, largely because they have so many of the dolls and options. I've fallen out of the Fairyland world and haven't kept up with either it or recasts in general. I should probably update it with a bit of disclaimer.

        6. Hi there! I had a little question, it's kind of weird to ask. :x I bought a pukifee faceplate, and it has no magnet in it. I'm not sure what size I should get to replace it. Does anyone know?

          1. Hopefully someone who knows the exact dimensions can help out. I will measure the magnets i have in comparable size to pukifee and report back. Please comment again if I have not responded in a week or so.


        Thanks for reading! <3 I try to follow up on every comment my readers make.