I do not make, sell, or traffic in bootleg/recast dolls or any other product.

I do not provide information on where or how to buy them.

Any recast information on this blog is for information purposes only, for identifying recast products on the second hand market.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Identifying a Recast: Aileen Doll

Legit Violet
As many of my readers know, I mostly own recast Aileen Doll dragons. I recently purchased my first legit dragon, and thought I would share some things that I found.

Company: Aileen Doll


Sculpts Available Recast: Ashes, Rot, Sleeping/Dreaming Ashes, egg

Stringing: Recast AD generally have their legs strung backwards (unless the current owner has switched them).

Backwards legs.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Identifying a recast: La Legende De Temps

About LLT: Is a one woman sculpting business, ran by a Chinese lady named Julia.


The following sculpts from LLT are available recast: Little Edria and Roderich; Roderich comes by default on the SD17 body. 

If you purchase these heads second hand, you should be aware of what comes with the legit heads in order to establish legitimacy.

Identification card:

This little card contains the number of the sculpt, the name of the sculpt, the assigned gender of the sculpt, the date/birthday the sculpt was made, and should have this picture on the back.

Mine also has the artist's signature and a handwritten sentiment. I have blocked out these in order to limit potential forgeries.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Juri 12 vs Juri 08

(Apologies in advance for the crap unedited cellphone pics. Any weird formatting is because I'm on mobile writing this.)

So I decided to reshell my Juri 08 into an SD, and I thought Juri 12 (the updated version of Juri 05 back in CP's Luts days) was the closest. I'm not brave enough to mod Juri 12's eyes to be more narrow, but I did mod her mouth. Here are some pictures of 12 vs 08 before the mods on Juri 12:

As you can see they are basically identical, except for Juri 12s eyes being less narrow. A brave modder could easily make a Juri 08 clone with her. 

And for kicks and giggles, here is Juri 12 with a slight mouth mod and the face up in progress. (I'll update when she's done. )

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CYA- It's that important.

CYA- Cover. Your. Ass.

I recently had a negative experience regarding recasts as legit. The poor gal thought, with good reason imo, that an item I sold was in fact recast. They were not, but I ran into trouble proving this. In order to spare you the headache in the future, learn from my mistake.

Amaranth's Rules for Trades and Sales

  1. Always ask for proof of ownership, even if it's someone you know or have traded with before.
  2. Always ask for more pictures, even if you're happy with what you see. Don't be afraid to ask them to take a photo with the item next to a paper with your choice of text. 
  3. Always ask for proof of legitimacy EVEN IF IT'S SOMEONE YOU KNOW. That's fine and dandy, but how do you do that and what should you ask for?
    1. If they are the first owner, ask for receipts from the company. Screenshot the purchase screen. Most companies keep records of sales for several years. Fairyland still has the record of the first purchase I made from them 4 years ago.
    2. If they purchased it second hand or traded, where did they do this trade? DoA? Facebook (and thus, which FB group)? Flickr? Ebay?
    3. Ask for the username of the previous owner before them, if any.
    4. Research to know what comes with the dolls direct from the company. 
      1. Does the company send certificates? What do those certificates usually say? 
      2. Does the company use headplates, and if so, what do those look like?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Identifying a Recast: Migidoll

***Disclaimer: I do not own recasts of this company, but I would appreciate any useful tips from anyone who currently owns one. Pictures for identification/comparison purposes are welcomed as well. If you have a recast MD boy, you can message me on anon on tumblr, via email, or here in the comments. If you choose to help me, you can be left anon or credited. Your choice!***

I don't own a recast Migidoll, but I thought this might be helpful since I own legits.

Sculpts available recast: Cho, Miho, Ryu

If you're buying one of the sculpts available as recast secondhand, here are some things to ask about or watch for.

Legit Migidoll come in plastic tube thingies, like this. On the outside of the tube you'll find a printed label with the company's logo, the name of the sculpt, and the resin color. These might be handwritten.