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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taobao Order Box Opening

This is my third taobao order. I thought I would show you some pictures of what I ordered and give reviews of the items and the shops. My total for this order was: US $117.80 (699.49 CNY), and that's with agent fees. The shipping cost for this order from them to me was an additional $30. Only mentioning this so you can estimate shipping for yourself.

Also, I will post pictures of the items with/on the dolls when I get around to unpacking them. I'm still moving so the only doll I have on hand is Hugin, and he refuses to model purses….

*Edit: I went and pulled Jack out of his box, so he's going model the purses, whether he wants to or not. Pics of the wigs on a doll to follow.*

First a review of taobao trends:

Taobao trends is really nice, and really great about communication. They aren't so great about paying attention to sizes though. Often I have received wrong sized items, but it's usually not too big a deal, and it's usually only like one or two things out of every order. In this order, it's the shoes and the blue Happy Chamille wig.

I may try a different agent next time, just to see what the differences are in terms of service, agent fees, shipping, etc. Taobao trends isn't bad, by any means. You just have to be really specific.

Onto the items!

First item is an iphone. I bought it from this shop. It turns out it's actually a lighter or something. It has a +/- and some kind of plug in at the bottom, and on the top is a little circle with a fire-warning sticker, LOL. I have no idea how to get it to fire up, if it even does. It's very thick, heavy, and metal. It is not to scale, like they show in the pictures. It's far too big and thick. I'm bummed about that. I'm not sure how they got it look right in the pictures…either the item the doll is holding is not actually the item they sell or the doll holding it is a lot bigger than Jack (so more than 60cm). Jack can't even hold it. This is the only item I'm pretty ticked off about, but at least it's a cute knickknack…. T_T

Next up, two little purses from . this shop I'm addicted to miniatures, so my favorite things for dolls are things that look like something a human would actually use. These are a little on the biggish side, which looks adorable with the girls. Purses are really hard to find on Taobao. I found these by searching "bjd handbag".

They are great quality, super freaking cute, and fairly sturdy. They may be sold out now.

I bought these little sunglasses from this shop. You can find tons of glasses in different styles and prices on taobao. Why did I choose these ones? No idea. They were pretty cheap, in stock, and I was tired of searching taobao. I just picked some I thought were cute and ran with it. They came in this cute little case.

My husband has decided he's either Neo or Trinity, from the Matrix. Jack was a bit offended by this, since he considers himself quite masculine… (And then my husband played around with him, trying to make Morpheus' voice asking if I wanted the red pill or the blue one. Wish I had the camera then…)

These pants from this shop are pretty good quality. They aren't made of a sturdy material, just a light cotton. For the price I could have gotten some dark wash jeans. They also don't have belt loops. They are nice though. They are a little snug on the muscle boy body, but they button and he move fine in them. They don't quite cover his butt, and if he sits it pops out, but otherwise they are ok. I could honestly have made these myself, so I'd say these paints aren't worth the money.

The shirt from this same store, however, is really awesome. I had to wait for it to be made, so my order shipped a bit late. It is a stretch knit hoody with this gothic looking jagged pieces coming off the bottom. I really liked it. It fits him well, closes over his muscles, and he looks good in it. Definitely worth it. The only flaws I see are a couple weird spots where the fabric kind of bubbles. It's not really noticeable so I don't mind.

These shoes were far, far too big. I ordered 1/3 size, and I'm pretty dang sure they are uncle size. Jack's toes have about a quarter inch more room in them. But they were cheap, they look nice, and they're good quality so they will work until I get some that fit better. They look a little big for him too, but I don't think the effect is too bad in photos. He can stand in them and poses fine in them.

I also ordered two wigs from Happy Camille. I have mixed feelings about HC…the wigs are really hit and miss in terms of quality. I have three wigs from them now. The first was a blonde one my Lorina wears- the fibers feel cheap and fake, but it photographs nicely and doesn't get a lot of flyaways.

This one has nice soft fibers, but the wig itself has a lot of flyaways. It has a few thin spots on the top, but styling should hide that. It's the nicest of the 3 HC wigs I have. I ordered this in a 6-7, but the wig that arrived looks more like a 5-6. EDIT: It is a 6-7. It just looks tiny. I'm going to try it on one of my smaller headed mnfs to see, and on one of my tinies when I get around to unpacking them.

It actually IS a 6-7....

Happy Chamille Wigs

This one, however, has terrible bald spots.

Happy Chamille Wigs
Tons of bald spots, fibers falling out. Have some seran hair
I may try to root the bald spots with and see if I can fix them.
It's really, really cute. The colors are adorable. The fibers are soft, shiny, and pretty. I might be able to add some hair to the bald spots to make it look better. I am not sure I could recommend Happy Camille for wigs or shoes though, based on my past experiences with them.

Here's Jack's full outfit:

Anyways, thanks for looking. If you have questions, comments, or want more pics just comment below or shoot me a message. Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!

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