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Monday, August 19, 2013

Restringing a Feeple 60

This tutorial is to show you how to string a Feeple 60 the way Fairyland does it. You could probably string them the normal way, but I prefer the FL way. I'm going to rehash some stuff from the F60/SDgr hybrid tutorial post, so if you read that don't be surprised to see some of the same stuff here. On we go!

Ok first of all, this is a pain in the ass. Probably a bigger pain in the ass than restringing a pukifee, no joke. You WILL want help for this, or else you be looking like a dork like I was doing this.

You will need two lengths of elastic for the body, both about 2ft 4 inches.

Each piece should be around 2 ft 4in.
Unstringing the body:

This was a surprise. F60s need two lengths of elastic, one for each side of the body. To remove the neckpiece, first remove the feet.

Take each leg apart, keeping the right and left sides separate.

step 1

Next, remove the neck piece. You will notice a ball, a ring, and the locking mechanism.

In my girl, the s-hook was pinched together so tight I could not bend it back without snapping the neck piece. What I did was untie the knots and then slip them out of that s-hook.
stupid s hook 2
Annoying s-hook....
Restringing the Body:

First, string each of the pieces of elastic through the s-hook. This will not work if they are already tied, so don't tie them yet.

step 1 a

step 1

Next, you will take the ring part of the neck mechanism and string it on. 

step a2

Once you've done this, string on the neck ball.

step 2
finished neck piece
This is what the neck mechanism will look like if you put it together right.

Now, tie off the ends of your strings. Mine look a bit weird here because they got damaged, so I attempted to melt the ends to prevent further fraying. Didn't exactly work, so I wouldn't bother.

step 3

step 2
You will have two loops of elastic, like this.

Next, thread both loops of elastic through the neck and into the torso. I did it one at a time to get the knots through the neck and into the torso. Do not leave the knots in the neck.

step 4 a

step 4 b

step 4 c

Next, thread on the tummy and pelvic pieces. Don't cross your elastics.

step 5

Assemble the leg, starting with the upper part with the notch showing, then add the thigh.

step 6

Add the knee...

step 7

Now add the lower leg and the ankle piece. You will want help for the ankle piece and foot. It really is a tight squeeze and a PITA to do it alone. I ended up propping the doll between my legs and pulling with a combination of hands, feet, and mouth to accomplish this on my own. I'm also physically very weak, so if you're stronger you may not have this issue.

step 8 and 9

And you're done! Repeat for the other side.

step 10

All done!

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Thanks for viewing, and I hope this helps. Happy collecting!


  1. Hey there! I've been using your tutorial a lot trying to restring my Mirwen, but I can't seem to do it correctly! 1) She's a little wobbly, and 2) Her feet are crossed. I'm so fed up of it, please help :(

    1. I have the feet crossing-thing happen from time to time. It's possible her elastic is twisted. When S/L send the F60 body, they only use one string. Fairyland uses two strings. Here's what I suggest:

      1. Restring your girl again, and try to get her really tight. This means you may have to cut the elastic a little shorter. Only do alittle at a time so you don't get it too short. Then, suede her joints. If you need help sueding her joints, let me know here or ask us over on the Haven and we can help. ^___^

      2. Try it with FL's two string method. I don't know for sure how long the elastic L/S is. Measure it. If you can get two pieces 2ft 4 inches long each, then cut the string in half and use those. If you can't get two pieces that length, you will have to get some new elastic.

      I cried and screamed the very first time I ever restrung a doll- It's super hard, esp when it's a new doll you've never had before. Don't give up. If she's still wobbly after you try to get her tighter and suede her joints, put her down for a little while. Take a break, eat some chocolate, and try again. If you get too frustrated, you won't enjoy restringing and it will just seem worse. *hugs*

  2. what about a feeple65 body, is it the same as restringing the 60? Also, I've heard that there is a big difference in the posing of these 2 sizes...the 65 being too heavy to hold poses. Thanks for all your interesting tutorials and comparisons! I am contemplating get one of these bjds.

    1. Actually it's very different. The arms are held on by magnets for the F65, so each arm is strung individually. The F65 isn't as good a poser from what I am told (I have a posing comparison a friend did for me with her girl, as I don't have access to one in person), and is a bit more finicky. I love the look of the F65, but I much prefer the F60 for posing and ease.


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