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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Feeple 60/Volks Lorina Hybrid

Ok first of all, this is a pain in the ass. You WILL want help for this, or else you'll be looking like a dork like I was doing this.

This first tutorial is to show how to remove the neckpiece on the F60 body and restring it so you can use it with another head.

Note the First: You will want help for this.

Note the Second: Also, I kinda messed up on this leg. You will actually want to tie the knot and leave it towards the torso. DO NOT untie it like I did or hold the knot at the bottom. It makes things seriously difficult.

For this tutorial, I only strung one leg because I'm an idiot and made it a lot more difficult for myself than it need to be. The pictures show the string untied. Do not do this. Keep the knot near the neck ball and you won't have to worry about the narrow channels in the F60 pieces.
For a proper restring of the F60 body (this applies to with and without the neck piece) click here. [Link will be live shortly.]

The body
You will need two lengths of elastic for the body, both about 2ft 4 inches. You may want to add an extra inch or two to each side to compensate for the head. It will also make restringing a lot easier.

2 lengths of elastic
Two pieces of elastic, about 2 ft 4 in each.

Unstringing the body:

This was a surprise. F60s need two lengths of elastic, one for each side of the body. To remove the neckpiece, first remove the feet.
Take each leg apart, keeping the right and left sides separate.

step 1
Next, remove the neck piece. You will notice a ball, a ring, and the locking mechanism.

step 2
In my girl, the s-hook was pinched together so tight I could not bend it back without snapping the neck piece. What I did was untie the knots and then slip them out of that s-hook. Retie the knots, and you're good to go.
stupid s hookstupid s hook 2

Assembling the body:

String both loops through the torso.
step 3 a

step 3
Next, thread the loops of elastic through the Fairyland neck ball. Keep the knots close to the bottom of the neck ball.

step 3 b

Now, add the s-hook and pull it tight.

step 3 c

Next, add the tummy.

step 4

Now add the pelvis piece.

step 5

Assemble the leg.
step 6
Add the upper part of the leg, then the thigh.
step 7
Add the knee!

step 9
String the shin/lower leg.
step 9 a
Add the ankle ball.

step 10
I didn't put the foot on because I'm a knuckle head and did the knot wrong. This is good
example of what NOT to do with your knot.

Add the foot.

Voila! Leg! Repeat for the other side.


Pictures with Volks Lorina on the body:

inside kiras head

lorina 9

lorina 8

lorina 7

lorina 6

lorina 5

lorina 4

lorina 3

lorina 2

lorina 1

kira 2

kira 1


  • Lorina and Kira both look amazing on the body. There is no gapping on the neck, and honestly they have better head movement and control on the F60 body than they do on the SDgr body.
  • My F60 body here is legit, and Steven's normal yellow skin does not match. You will want normal pink skin.
  • You will only need an s-hook to hold their heads on, maybe a donut if you want to protect the resin from the s-hook digging in. 

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!


  1. This is really helpful! :) Btw do you know if this would work with a luts delf nina head?

    1. Wow, somehow I never saw this comment! I'm so sorry, and I'm sure you have answer by now, but I think it might work if Nina is a delf. The resin match will be off, but the Feeples and Delfs are really, really close in measurements.


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