I do not make, sell, or traffic in bootleg/recast dolls or any other product.

I do not provide information on where or how to buy them.

Any recast information on this blog is for information purposes only, for identifying recast products on the second hand market.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Reiteration: My Stance on Recasts

Every now and then I feel compelled to reiterate this in order to protect myself:

  • I do not sell recast ball jointed dolls or any other product.
  • I do not purchase recast ball jointed dolls for the purpose of reselling them at their value or for profit.
  • I do not recast ball jointed dolls or any other product, nor do I even know how to do this.
  • I do not help purchase recast ball jointed dolls or other bootleg products for others, but I will point people towards that information when I know where it is.
  • I paint dolls, including recast dolls.
  • I do not sell recast dolls as legitimate dolls, nor do I condone such behaviour. 
  • I have no intention of engaging in any of these activities. 

The purpose of this blog is:

  • To educate others as to the difference between recasts and legitimate dolls.
  • To educate others on care, maintenance, and other aspects of the BJD hobby.
  • To entertain.
  • To discuss deeper topics, including those which may be offensive.

My thoughts on recasts:

  • To each his own.
  • Bootleg products are always made, no surprise they would be made of these expensive toys.
  • I do not condone artist doll recasts- I have stated the Kinoko Juice doll is adorable, and I'd like one someday. I have NO plans on purchasing a recast of her. 
    • Update: I am no longer pro-recast. I'm recast-neutral. I'm leaving the recast aspect of the hobby because it no longer sits well with my beliefs. I will not be purchasing any further recasts. 
  • People who sell recasts as legits are assholes.
    • Thanks for contributing to the negative stereotype, jerks.
    • Thanks for increasing paranoia, jerks. 
  • People who start drama and bully other people are assholes.
    • You deserve everything karma is going to throw at you for bullying people.
    • Ethical disagreements are perfectly fine when you conduct yourself with dignity and respect for the other person. If pro- and anti-evolution people can be friends in the real world, dolls shouldn't make a difference either.
    • Instead of focusing all the negative shit, why don't you take up a real cause? I donate my time and money to local charities. Wtf do you do, besides bitch about dolls?
  • I believe you should support the companies, through buying their dolls, clothes, shoes, eyes, wigs, and other products, whenever possible.
    • I believe that companies should treat their customers right, with high standards of service, and charge fair and reasonable prices for their products. 
      • What is a fair price? That's subject to debate.
      • What is good service? Good service means replacing parts when they break, admitting flaws and faults, and not penalizing the customer for the company's mistake (I'm looking at you, FL....). Good service is also good communication, and I feel most companies are good about that. 
    • I do not believe it is elitist to say that if you cannot afford the prices you are in the wrong hobby, but I do recognize that recasts are an affordable alternative for many people looking to collect dolls.
      • There are many affordable legitimate dolls if you're just wanting to dip your toes in the water.

    I now return you to your irregularly scheduled shenanigans.  Happy collecting!

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