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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Box Opening: Ulla- DC Ada, legit

Ipod photo of the sketch, since scanner is packed...
I could not sleep waiting for this girl. I've been so stressed and busy, I was afraid if I slept I would miss the mailman and wouldn't get my girl until Tuesday...turns out I didn't have to sign anyway, haha.

(Ulla's name is actually from a series of short stories I wrote about a Swedish-American family in magical realism style. The main character's name is Ulla (pronounced Ooo-lah). I just liked the name for Ada.)

This Ulla awoke in a meadow filled with flowers and butterflies, so she is feisty and bouncy. She dreamt of wolves in the centuries before she was born, so she took the name Ulla.

Her "mothers", Saga and Alfie, can't wait to find her (e.g. arrive at my house lol).

Concept sketch
Sorry for the crap pictures. I'm moving and didn't have time to take nice ones. More pictures to come when I get her painted in the next week or two.

  • Her stringing is awful. Gonna have to restring.
  • Doesn't pose super well, but should when I suede and string her better.
  • She has good range of motion, and can touch her face with her hands.
  • Her joints are small and delicate, and take some getting used to.
  • Beautifully sculpted- so many details on her tiny hands and feet!
  • She is so light and delicate.
  • Huge pain in the neck to get her head on. >.< 

More info to come when I eventually get a recast Ada to compare.

Mint on Card was wonderful to order from, and I cannot recommend them enough. I have my legit Alberta on layaway with them too. Super excited. She will be here come November, and my Alberta from L/S should be shipping any time now.

le box


Pillow case thing is super soft, and it is
great quality.
bubble mummies


tiny head
The usual funny eyes...

post cards
Post card

standing 3
I can't get her to stand on smooth surfaces any more...ugh.

standing 2


pose 1

pose 2

pose 3

pose 4


Thanks for viewing, and happy collecting!!

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