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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Photostory thingy: mature content

Alora's Dream

Alora has long dreamt of seducing the famous hero, Jack. She slept one hundred years in a castle surrounded by roses, cursed, dreaming of him.

He awoke her from her slumber, but he had another love: his childhood sweetheart, Jill. So Alora weeps, waits, plots, and often dreams...

Jack: !!!
Alora: Surprised, Jack?
Jack: Y-you need to go. *sweat*

Alora doesn't respond well to the word "no"... years trapped in sleep have left her with little patience and a lot of pent up energy.

Alora: Do I?

(You're not resisting well, Jack...)

Jack: Yes, you do.
Alora: Then why don't you make me leave?
Jack: But Jill...
Alora: ...Never has to know.

Why isn't he calling?

Jill: He should have responded by now...was it a giant?!
Jill: *sigh* No...he'd tell me if he were fighting.

Alas, it's only a fantasy.

Alora: I saw you in the dreams...and I loved you a hundred years before you were born.

Alora: The gods are cruel to take that from me.

Jill never needs to worry...

...does she?


Alora: I'll have my happily ever after...


The cast:

Jack the Giant Killer, the youngest son of the king, the hero, the clever: F60 Mirwen, legit
Jill, the sweet: F60 Chloe, legit
Alora, the Sleeping Beauty: F60 Nanuri A Elf Chloe, legit

Outfits: Bits and pieces of Dollheart, dollmore, and Endless BJD Clothing. Wigs by Natrume, Licht, and Leekeworld.

This is my first photostory and omg was it more fun than it should have been. I'm not used to this method of storytelling, so there's much to improve upon of course. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for reading! 


DAT ASS....omg...

The End! (harhar I'm so funny...)

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