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Friday, August 9, 2013

Face Up Tips: Eyebrows

I'm still learning and improving my face up techniques. I'm not the best or anything, but I have figured out some things that help me with my face ups.

I <3 shimmer powders!!!
A little background on this head: She's a recast Volks SD16 Kira. Her original owner tried to blush her to match a yellow skin body, and despite all my scrubbing, I can't completely remove it all [edit: I finally got it off and redid her faceup]. So, this is making one eyebrow look really goofy. Please ignore that for the sake of the tutorial.

Here's my technique for eyebrows. Update: Scroll to the bottom of the post to see recent eyebrows done with this method!

1. Block in some basic color on your doll above the eye.

2. Shape the block until you get it how you want it with a kneaded (gray squishy) eraser.

3. Duplicate this block on the other side of the face. Don't worry about the color just yet. This is just your base.

4. Block in some other colors on your doll's face and seal.

5. Add more color to the eyebrows according to your taste. Be sure to seal inbetween layers. Don't try to force too much color on the brow at once or else will just get smudgy and dirty.

6. When you have the color how you want, break out your water color pencil and/or acrylics in complimentary colors and draw lines on the brow. Do this according to your taste. I draw mine either with white lines at the tip near the nose and fade to darker colors throughout the rest of the brow, or stick with browns the whole way. Again, don't force too much color onto a single layer. Use multiple layers to achieve the look you want.

7. Add some more color onto the lines to blend them in with the rest of the brow.

8. Ok, there really isn't a step 8 but I hate ending on odd numbers. Voila, you have an eyebrow!

final face
The origin of this mistake on the side here will be explained in the lip tutorial.
Basically, I touched some still wet sealant with dirty hands. I cried.
This face up will have to be redone because her lips suck.

final faceup
I photoshopped out the mistake on her cheek so you could get a better feel for her face up. It will be redone with better lips.

The new improved face up (using the same technique) looks like this:

volks kira

new brows!:

Pukifee Luna Commission is all finished!


VE Woosoo Boy commission

Latest commission

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