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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feeple 60 vs Minifee Comparison

Here is the promised Feeple 60 vs Minifee Review!

As always, please pardon the crap lighting and the pile of games/doll clothes in the background. Someday I'll take nice pictures. I have to reuse some of the photos from my minifee posing thread here, since both my girls need to be restrung, and I don't know when I'm going to have time to do that.

At first, I was really bummed out by the Feeple 60 body. It seemed unfinished, less refined than the boy body. It still kind of does, but I underestimated it's posing abilities. All of these pictures are taken without sueding, but I will be doing a posing post with both the F60 and girl and the F60 boy after I've sueded them. I didn't have a doll catcher, so I couldn't do a lot of really crazy poses with them, so I hope this works for now. (My designated doll helper is MIA for awhile, and my husband, bless his heart, is terrible at it.)

My helpers are a recast/legit hybrid minifee Chloe Sp mod named Zoey and a legitimate F60 Chloe.

the helpers
Zoey on the left, Jill on the right.

Enough rambling- here we go!

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First, a customary little FAQ:

Q: Do any recasters have feeple 60s?
A: No, they do not.

Q: Will they ever get them?
A: Supposedly they are trying, but I don't know. I'm not sending my F60s to them either.

Q: What are the measurements of these two types of bodies?
A: You can find them on Fairyland's website [no direct links to respect their stance on recasts].


pelvis comp
As you can see, the F60s pelvis is a different shape.
wrist comp
Mnf have better range of motion with the wrist.
  • The minifee has better proportioned arms; the Feeple 60's arms are too short for her body.
  • The  minifee has a slimmer pelvic joint. She also has hip cups that allow her to pose a bit more securely than the F60, and she looks better holding some poses than the F60.
  • Bust, tummy, and leg shape is essentially the same as the minifee, though the lower legs of the Feeple 60 remind me of the model leg instead of the cutie.
  • Minifee has better wrist and ankle movement. Her wrist and ankle balls are smaller and more flexible than the F60 girl's.
ankle comp
The mnf has better ankle movement as well.
Overall, I love both of them. The F60 is a great poser once you get used to her quirks. I still love the posing abilities of my SDgr girl the best, but the F60 is really great too. They are essentially giant minifees, and I like that a lot. I wish they would have put more effort and detail into the F60 body, but it is very cute as is. I was hating her body until I finally figured out how to make it pose, and I'm really pleased with her now.

both can touch their faces

They both have very good range of motion with their arms, but in my opinion the mnf looks more natural, due to her better arm proportions. (I didn't quite realize how much the F60's arms bug me, haha.)
holding their knees

This is to show that the mnf's bottom looks better when hugging her knees than the F60.

leg compkneesTheir knees are very different when closed. As you can see, the leg shape is similar, though the feeple 60 leg is closer to the mnf model leg. The minifee legs in this picture are cutie legs.

As you can see below, the bodies are very similar in design and structure:
standing 1
The minifee body is recast, but it has minimal shrinkage compared to my legitimate girl.

standing 2
The minifee back seems to arch even more than the F60,
making her cute little tummy stick out.
sitting 2
The F60 has a knee cap similar to the minifee. It just stays tucked up
inside until you pull it out to lock the knee.
sitting 1
The minifee can do this better.
Both girls can kneel like this, with one leg up, with one arm up, etc. They are both equally balanced, but the minifee is a little bit more supported because her arms are longer relative to her height than F60. The F60 is kind of resting on her knuckles.

hands and knees

one one knee leg up

crab walk
Though I didn't take pics, she can also extend one leg and do this pose with one hand.
Minifee Posing
Her hands are off only because they kept falling off (weak magnets).

Here are a few poses of them standing in interesting poses. Without a doll catcher I wasn't able to get the best shots, so if you need clearer ones let me know. She's standing unassisted in all photos, but she couldn't hold the poses for very long. Once she's sueded she'll be a lot sturdier. 

Minifee Posing
The mnf can do a bunch of poses like this.
It was easier to pose her than the F60, and she was
more sturdy.
on one leg 

one leg

standing 3

walking pose

take a bow

Minifee Posing
Minifee can do it too!

ballerina 2
I could not get the minifee to do this, though I have seen others get them to do it.
They can both do several variations on this type of pose:

laying down 1

kneeling pose
The minifee wasn't able to do this, though I think she could if
strung correctly.

laying down 2

Minifee Posingkneeling pose 3
This was a surprisingly difficult pose. The mnf couldn't do it.The best she could manage was the pose on the left.

Alright everyone, thanks again for viewing. I hope it was useful. If you want more poses or have any ideas/suggestions, drop me a line or comment below. Happy Collecting~!

(P.S. Sorry for some strange formatting. I'm still a newbie at html and this whole blogging thing, so I don't know what the hell happened in some places here.)


  1. This was SO very helpful. I just ordered a minifee body today and this helped me feel super confident in my decision. I was also thinking of getting a Feeple body for another doll head in the future but mayhaps I will look into a different one? Interesting that the feeple isn't quite as good at posing as minifee. Overall I'd say this is one of the most helpful body reviews I've read.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. ^_^ I'm glad it was helpful for you! It's still a good body, and not the worst poser out there. I have a couple other posts here that show some more stuff I've been able to get her to do with practice. :) <3

  2. Alright, super nooby question. But, here goes. I have a Feeple60 body, and her knees are actually really confusing me. I notice the knee cap which is tucked inside, and then locks out when you want her to kneel. But I'm having trouble getting it to come out. I managed once, and got her to kneel. But then when I put it back in, I just seem to be pulling on her elastic when trying to bend the knee. ..Am I missing something?

    1. Nope, you're not missing something. It's actually a huge p.i.t.a. Looks pretty, but is difficult to work with. Basically, anytime you want to have it out and locked into position, you have to pull the leg apart at the knees and then lock the cap into place. Does that make sense? If not I'll try to do a quick video to show.


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