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Monday, June 24, 2013

Feeple 60 vs Feeple 65 Comparison!

Hi all! I had a request via Flikr to do a Feeple 65 vs Feeple 60 vs Minifee comparison! I didn't have a Feeple 65, so the 10thsdirtylittlesecret and Cpmasse helped me out. I have put some comments on the pictures themselves. I have tried to match up the dolls pose for pose, and if I have left any out or you'd like to see more, leave a comment and I'll see what I can do. Due to space issues, I've put the Feeple 60 vs Minifee comparison into it's own post, and I will link to that as soon as it's up.

Please pardon my crappy photos. I have a baby, and while that's no excuse, I do have to take advantage of any quiet moments I have to take pictures. In this case, it's midnight. With crap lighting.

Dolls in the photos not to scale- Since I could not put the F60 right next to the F65, pictures where they are next to each other are not accurate for height. 

Recast girl belongs to the10thsdirtylittlesecret: and

I'm legit! I'm a Soom Topaz on an F65 body.
Legit girl belongs to Cpmasse. Check out her photos here !

I'm a recast, and I'm adorable.
The recast F65 girl belongs to the10thdirtylittlesecret.

This F60 girl is legit, and belongs to me.

First, a customary little FAQ:

Q: Do any recasters have feeple 60s?
A: No, they do not.   UPDATE: Luo and Steven now have Feeple 60 Mirwen girl available in recast!

Q: Will they ever get them?
A: Supposedly they are trying, but I don't know. I'm not sending my F60s to them either.

Q: What are the measurements of these two types of bodies?
A: You can find them on Fairyland's website [no direct links to respect their stance on recasts].

Notes about legit girl from Cpmasse:
I couldn't do ankles crossed without her falling to the side so I left that one out. I also had to remove her hands for the on fours because the F65 can't bend their hands more than like 30 degrees in any direction.

Notes about her recast girl from the10thsdirtylittlesecret:
My girl has repaired knees so she leans a little

Note about recast from Amaranth:
For some reason I didn't get all her pics up on the blog, but the recast can cross her ankles while sitting with her legs outstretched, but not while sitting upright as if in a chair.
The recast Feeple 65s are not set up the same way legit ones are. Legit ones have a complex magnet system that allows for easy removal of the arms and hands. The recasts have been reengineered so that they are strung like a standard bjd. Their arms are not magnetic and cannot be easily removed. Recast F65s usually have the wrong hands (often Soom hands for some reason) and no magnet parts.

Based on these pictures here, as well as pictures I have seen other places online and things I have read, the legitimate Feeple 65s pose better than the recasts. For that reason, I would recommend buying legit and not recast in this case. However, the body is gorgeous regardless, and if posing isn't that important to you, you may still consider the recast.

Also in my opinion, the Feeple 65 poses better and looks better than the Feeple 60. She is more proportionate than the feeple 60, but the feeple 60 has the more stylized body and more closely matches the minifee. She has more definition and more detail than the F60, which has been described as unfinished looking in many places around the net.

Chloe cannot lean as far to the right as the legit F65, below on the right, nor can she pop her hips like the F65 girl on the left.

The F65s have an even greater arch to their backs than the F60s.

All three girls have some problems with that back arch. Unless they are slumped forward, like Chloe is here, they can't sit perfectly straight. Also, their feet do not touch the ground, due to FL's lovely little bow-legs (minifee have this issue too).

Both look about the same when on their backs and have about the same range of movement. Chloe's back is less arched, so the Feeple 60 body can lie a bit flatter than the F65 girl:

 The Feeple 60 can't lean back quite as far as the Feeple 65, but I think that's partly because of the natural arch of the Feeple 65.

They both look great kneeling.

This is my favorite pose the F65 can do. The F60 cannot do this pose. She does not have any mechanism in her hip socket for the joints to click into place, so they buckle under her weight. I think with sueding and possibly wiring she could do this. It's not a stringing issue, as my girl is factory strung.

F60 cannot do this pose.

 They both look cute doing this too:

 The Feeple 60 can do this, and she can do it without removing her hands. Please see the SDgr vs Feeple 60 Comparison for those pics, since I forgot to put them here. I'll post a link to that post soon.

 And now some basic standing poses:

Alright, that's all for now. The next comparison post will be the Feeple 60 versus the Minifee. Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!


  1. I'm pretty sure Luo has a Feeple60 in her possession to recast ^.^

    1. Yes, they do now, but at the time this was written they did not. ^__^ Thank you for reminding me to edit this. I will update the post now!

  2. Hi Amaranth, could you tell me if your recasted SDGR heeled feet came with slightly defective toes? Because mine did and the reseller said it came with all of them ><

    1. Hi there! Not that I'd ever noticed. I didn't have a legit to compare to, but I was able to get her to stand unassisted on her heeled feet both in and out of shoes. (She's not very stable that way mind you, but she could do it.) When you say defective toes, what specifically was the defect with them?If you can give me the symptoms of the problem I might be able to be a bit more useful and helpful!


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