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Monday, July 1, 2013

Feeple 60 vs Minifee Boy Comparison: Nudity/Peen Warning

hey sexy
Hey there, sexy.
Time for another comparison post! (Or as I came to call it, "Anything you can do I can do better" in honor of their apparent rivalry.) This is a comparison/review of the two bodies, minifee and Feeple 60. Both are legit boys. They are not sueded or wired. The recast minifee boy I sold recently could pose nearly as good as the legit boy once he was strung tight and sueded. It is possible to get recasts to pose well; they just take a little effort.

Give up Jack. I'm prettier.
When posing dolls, the trick is to find the doll's center of gravity. Then you slowly start adjusting the arms and legs until you get them into position, maintaining the doll's balance at all times. As with the girls, the boys were a bit unstable in some poses. I would not leave the doll unattended or in one of these poses for a long time, as they will most likely fall. Super duper crazy poses coming when I have a doll catcher.

Customary Mini-FAQ (Got more questions? Feel free to ask!)

Q: Are there recasts of Feeple 60s?
A: Not yet. (Usual disclaimer: I will not be sending my legits to them either.)

Q: What are the measurements?
A: I recommend checking out FL's site and clicking measurement table. It lists all the details there. I can say I like an 8-9 wig on my big boy and a 6-7 on the small boy. I am unsure what size eyes the big boy has, as they are the ones FL sent with him. I'd guess they are about 16mm.

Q: What sculpts are the dolls in the pics?
A: They are a legit Feeple 60 Mirwen boy, Jack (of giant-killing fame he'd like you to know), and a legit Minifee Vampire Chloe boy, Hugin (he has a terrible mod job and I haven't had the tools to redo it in awhile, hence the crappy face up).

Q: Where can I buy a recast minifee boy?
A: S/L and Bjdpifa have them, but I do not recommend S/L. Their boy has a ton of shrinkage (see the recast vs legit mnf boy comparison here). I don't have experience with BJDpifa yet to know how their boys are.


back detail
Showing his amazing details.
The boys both have more detailed bodies than the girls, especially the Feeple 60. He's got awesome details, like spine and muscle definition and even has veins on his arms.

The boys are a bit more sturdy than the girls, and in the case of the Feeple 60 the boy poses much better and is more proportionate.

Of the two boys, the Feeple 60 is constructed a bit better. He does not slouch to the side like the minifee boys do.

Both boys are very heavy, especially compared to their female counterparts.

They pose equally well, and both their headcaps keep falling off. >.<

boy wrists The F60s have this neat little locking mechanism that helps keep their hands on. Minifee doesn't have this, so my boy's hands fall off all the time.
front view


back view

drama queens
Drama queens, lol.

ankles crossed
F60 has a hard time with this pose because his legs are freaking thick.
hi p pop

laying down 5laying down 4laying down 3
laying down 2
laying down 1
not sure
Decided to play with the mobility joint and got it to do this. For some reason, he couldn't hold his knees to his chest like the F60 girl can.

marry me 

alas poor yorik
kneeling 1
Jack: Uh…did you just…growl?
Hugin: I'm a tiger. I'm a sexy beast. Meow!
Jack: Tigers don't meow.
Hugin: Shut up.

sitting 1
Hugin couldn't hold his arms out straight. He could with sueding.
sitting 2sitting 3

They can both arch their backs backward:

back arch
J: You do realize she's crazy right?
H: Dude, been here longer than you. I could have told you that.


weird pose 4
Random pose I got them both to do.

weird pose 3
Couldn't get the minifee to do this.

weird pose 2
Both can do this.

tummies 1
H: You look like a chick.
J: Shut up. So do you.

They can slump forward really well too:
that never happened
J: Let's uh…just pretend that never happened.
H: Read my mind….
my boys
A Pong Pong Photo-Bomb! (Also showing you sizes.)
take it please
Jack: Wth is this thing?!
Me: That would be Rumpelstiltskin. He's a pukifee who thinks he's a Cheshire Cat.
Grim! Get in here and control your minion!

possible baby
Pukifee would make good babies for F60 I think.
Thanks for looking, and Happy Collecting! 

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