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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fluff: Head Size Comparison

Here is a random pic to show the differences between head sizes (all those pictured happen to be recasts for no other reason than that's simply what I was working with at the time). From left to right the heads are:

  • Recast Volks Lorina (SD or 1/3 size, 9"-10" wig)
  • Recast Minifee Rheia (MSD or 1/4 size, 6"-7" or 7"-8" wig)
  • Recast Soom Aloa (YoSD or 1/6 size, 6"-7" wig)
  • Recast Pukifee Pongpong (Tiny or 1/8 size, 5"-6" wig)

As you can see, the minifee heads run pretty small. It's usually a toss up as to which size they wear best, whether 7"-8" or 6"-7". It depends on the specific sculpt as well as the brand of the wig, and you can honestly go either way. I prefer 7"-8" for fullness. With a wig cap they fit great. 

Next week I will do a comparison between some different SD and MSD sized heads, both recast and legit. 

Thanks for viewing, and Happy Collecting!

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