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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fluff: Concept for my Future Doll Chateau Alberta (legit)

Did a rough sketch while feedin' the baby last night. I was trying to decide between two dolls on my wishlist, either a recast Soom Zinc centaur or a Doll Chateau Alberta. I've sold enough crap to put either one on layaway.

It was a tough call. There are many dolls on my wishlist, but I'm sort of burnt out with my minifees. I am into the bigger and more unique dolls right now, so I defnitely wanted something weird or with fantasy parts.

I thought about a little Ada...she's just so weird and cute. Then I decided to just try to get the Alberta. I missed out on the body I wanted that was such a good deal, due to a buyer backing out (future post coming on flakiness in the bjd hobby).

So here's my concept sketch for my Alberta.

alberta project

I will definitely need a floofy wig by Natrume. I have one on my F60 Chloe. Just need to pick a color. (must. resist. pink. I have too many pink dolls.) No idea about eyes or a face up or anything. I only know she'll need a corset, bloomers, and little boots or ballet flats.

I'm thinking she'll be a little neo-Victorian fairy thing. She will probably not be a specific fairy tale character like most of my other dolls (she'll be like Zoey, who is just Zoey and doesn't fit the theme).

Possible name ideas: Fortuna, Fable, Whimsy, Sidhe, or something like that.

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