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Saturday, June 15, 2013

SDgr vs Feeple 60 Comparison Part 2

I was able to do this sooner than I expected, since I had someone to help with the baby. I've got another pose-off in mind for later (Part 3, I guess) with trickier poses once I can find someone to be my dollie-catcher. For some of the poses the girls are standing on game boxes. This is just because I was having issues on the carpet for some poses and not for others. If you are posing your dolls and they seem finicky, try either switching to carpet or to something solid, like linoleum. When posing your dolls make sure they won't fall and break or have someone nearby to catch them.

Lorina has a really useful double-jointed knee that, when used right, makes her able to do a lot. Her mobility jint isn't useful in the way the Iplehouse mobility joint is; all Lorina's is good for is to twist the leg. You can't pop it out to make her hug her knees like with an Iple.

Note on standing with one leg: Both bodies can do this, but I couldn't snap a picture and play doll catcher at the same time. I'll try to get pics soon.

Note on crazy pics on the FL site: Obviously, Lorina couldn't pull all of these off, but neither could Chloe on some of them. With some sueding I'm sure Chloe could do all or most of the ones on the site.

Without further ado-
Let's begin!

First up, standing:

lets begin

Ankles crossed: Both girls can stand like this and in various versions of this pose. 

ankles crossed
The F60, like minifee, seems to default to this position over regular standing.

Knees to chest: Chloe can do it, but it doesn't look that great. Lorina can do it with help, but she cannot hold the pose. I'd say both suck at this type of pose.

knees to chest chloe
F60 can hold her knees, SDgr cannot. Both look kinda crappy doing it too.

Kneeling: Both girls can do this too. Chloe's knees look better, but you'll have better control over Lorina's upper body. Lorina can also sit up straight here, where Chloe cannot.

Sorry for the weird shadow. Didn't see it, and this is the only version of this pic I took, apparently.
doggie style
This where I noticed Chloe's arms are a bit too short. If Lorina were strung better she could support herself, but her head can't move well.

Casual slouchy poses: Lorina has the cuter, more natural posing body. She slouches, she slumps, she flops gracefully. Chloe always looks like a model trying to keep her back ramrod straight. The SDgr wins the cute contest.
cute slouchy pose 2 

sitting 1

Indian style (legs crossed): Lorina looks a bit silly trying this, but Chloe can do it and hold it.

indian style 

Suwarico: Both girls can do it. Chloe's knees look better, but you'll have better control over Lorina's upper body.

 Various laying down poses: Both can do various poses lying down. I'll let you judge who looks cuter.

lying down 1 

lying down 4 

lying down 3 

lying down 2

More (hopefully cooler) poses in Part 3. Thanks for visiting, and happy collecting!

Check out part 1 here!


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    1. I noted this in the first post, but Lorina was a recast (I no longer own her), and she was sent to me in a normal yellow skin tone.


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