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Monday, May 13, 2013

FAQ: Ordering a Doll From a Company or Dealer

How do I buy a doll?

Buying your first doll can be really intimidating. It's a lot of money to shell out at once, plus a long wait…it can be scary! The following post should help you feel better about purchasing a doll.I'm including some screenshot of the process for Fairyland, but it's the same basic process no matter where you shop. All screen shots are of FL's page. I've merely used them to illustrate the points.

Purchasing Direct from a Company

1. Make an account. This is the easiest way to make sure your shipping info is correct, plus you often get points towards future purchases, and the only way to save them is to have an account.

Choose your options
2. Choose a doll. This can be a huge task in an of itself.

3. Usually the doll's page will have options (examples: things like skin color, head mold, face up or no face up).

Most BJD websites tend to use the same basic layouts and ordering forms. This will be pretty similar to any other site. There will be pictures of the doll, descriptions, and the option menu on the right.

Select your options and then click "add to cart".

Add to the cart

4. Double check: Do you need anything else for the doll? Wigs? Eyes? Clothes? If you want anything else from the company, try to add it at this time. Lots of companies will do combined shipping, but adding things to your order after the order has been placed can increase your wait time.

5. Double check payment options, fill in any information or comments you need.
6. Once your sure your order is correct, hit the payment button. Some companies require a credit card, others allow paypal. Some companies need to send you a paypal invoice before you can pay via paypal. You will select shipping options, usually EMS.

7. Wait. In a few days, the company will process your payment. You can often track your order's progress on your account page. Save your order number for reference purposes. After the designated waiting period (often 40 days or more) you will then get your shipping notice and tracking number. While you're waiting, join a waiting room or discussion thread on your favorite venue for company.

Example of an order screen
When your doll arrives, squee, jump, and take lotsa photos.

Purchasing from a Company Agent

You can order a doll from places like DDE, MoC, Featherfall, etc. These dealers will usually be in your language and will deal with the company for you. Many dealers offer layaway when the company does not. Basically, add any items you want to your cart and then pay. Unless items are marked in stock, assume you'll have a wait of 40 days or more. Dealers usually have longer wait times than ordering direct from the company. For specific layaway or ordering questions, ask the dealers.

Warning: Not sure if a dealer is reputable? Email or check the company's list of dealers. Those not listed are likely not real dealers.

Purchasing a Doll Second-Hand at once or with layaway

This is the riskiest of all purchasing options. The best thing to do is play it safe:

1. Check the seller's feedback. Are they trustworthy?
2. Ask for information and pictures.
3. Pay with paypal, never personal. While it is against paypal's Terms of Service, many often ask for paypal fees. Either negotiate this or include them with your purchase. Don't use personal to avoid paypal fees.
4. Keep in contact with your seller, but don't hound them incessantly. Keep an eye on your paypal claim window, the seller's promised shipping dates, etc.
5. Keep in mind the seems-too-good-to-be-true rule, and know recast vs legit indicators for that type of doll, if it's recast at all. 

That's it!

When your doll arrives, squee, jump, and take lotsa photos

Not so bad, is it? I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me, the company, or post on one of the forums for help.

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!

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