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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

60 cm Shoe Review!

60 cm Shoe Review! (For dolls such as SD16/SDgr heeled feet, SDgr flat feet, and Feeple 60)

I adore shoes. I love them in my size, and I love them miniature. I'm especially a sucker for adorable heels. I'm making a list of different shoes and brands that SDgr girl flat feet, Feeple 60 girls, and SDgr heeled feet. I will note where I got them and what I thought of them. I will update this as I get more shoes to review. Hey, I need an excuse to buy more right? Check back for updates.

For info purposes, Fairyland estimates the F60 foot at 6.0 for the girls and 7.0 for boys (F65 girl is also 7.0). The SDgr girl flat foot is close to that as is their heeled feet (same as SD16 girl heeled feet). I can't find the exact measurement online, but I measure the SDgr girl's heeled feet at about 7.0cm, not accounting for arch and give or take a bit. So, until I get my F60s in person I can't quite confirm that what fits SDgr will fit the F60. I'm assuming for now.

As of right now, I can confirm that the following shoes fit SDgr heeled or flat feet:

MVS: One of my most favorite shops on Taobao. I plan on making another big purchase of shoes soon from them. I have the brown heels, and they fit my SDgr girl's feet perfectly. (Thus they should also fit an SD16 girl's heeled feet.) These shoes are detailed, made of faux leather, and are too cute for words. (Shoes A in the pics)

sd shoe comparisonFind the shop MVS here , but please leave some for me!

Snake Eye Heels: 

I have the pink and white pair, and I want more of these. They have several colors. They are well sewn, perfect scale, and fit my SDgr girl's heeled feet great. I plan on purchasing more of these as well. (Shoes B in the pics)

Find them here.

Angel Studio:

Angel Studio is an awesome company. I purchased mine from Mint on Card, but you can order direct or from Taobao (I have not noticed a difference between Taobao and the MoC price). I have the pink and black heels. They fit Senior Delf Girls as well as SDgr girl heeled feet. (Shoes C in the pics)


These are SD10/13 flat shoes. They fit my SDgr girl's flat feet, though they are a bit roomy. she can stand fine in them and it's not obvious when she's wearing stockings.

That's it for now! I plan on doing a huge shoe order for my next Taobao spree at this shop here . Can't wait! (Nothing like spending $$$ on shoes!!!)

Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!


  1. Holy cow that website is amazing!!! Buying with yen must save you money!!! (I know the rate is generally around 100:1) how do you get past the Japanese? Do you speak it? (I'm talking about the last long you have up)

    1. Taobao is actually in Chinese Yuan, so it's waaaaay cheaper than anything you can buy in the US or that is sold directly to US customers. I can read a little Japanese and Chinese, so it makes it easier when navigating (I don't always use a translator since I can identify basic characters at this point). When I'm searching for things, I just type "BJD 1/3 (or 1/4 or whatever size I'm looking for) CHINESE WORD (so the Chinese character for the item I'm trying to find)". You can use google translate for specific words. ^_^ I have a tutorial coming up soon-ish on how to use taobao. I just need to write it. I've been so lazy lol. Hope that helps a bit!


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