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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Choose a Doll

Really, no one can tell you exactly how or what doll to choose. Yet, people still ask all the time. So I've decided to put together a small guide to help those of you who want some help.

There are a few places you can go for handy links. DoA has a list of dolls under $300 as well as a database full of sculpts and companies. Be sure to check these out.

Recast or Legit?
This is a decision only you can make. Consider your budget, your personal ethics, etc.

ABJD or just BJD?
  • Do you want a doll from an Asian company with a particular look, or does the Western art doll appeal to you?
  • Is sharing on DoA important you? Be sure to read and see which dolls are off-topic and which aren't, and note that recasts are not welcome on DoA.

What's your budget?

  • How much can I afford to spend on my doll?
  • Make a budget, be realistic, and stick to it. You may end up wanting to save for a more expensive doll, or you may want to buy the less expensive doll right away. Don't forget to factor in shipping.
  • How much can I afford to spend on accessories for my doll?
  • Remember to factor in clothing, eyes, wigs, and other stuff you may want or need for your doll's concept. These are an added cost on top of the doll.
  • Will the doll I've chosen be hard to clothe?
  • Hard to clothe dolls can be expensive to clothe, as you may need to commission specific items or purchase directly from the company.
  • Will I need layaway?
  • If you need a layaway, this limits companies you can buy from, as not all of them offer layaway. Many dealers, like Mint on Card or Denver Doll Emporium, offer layaways on the dolls they carry. If you think you will need layaway be sure to check out dealers first and then companies that offer layaway.
  • Companies that offer layaway that I can think of offhand are: Luts, Peakswoods, and Soom.

New or second hand?
  • You may be able to save some money buying second hand.
  • If the sculpt you are in love with is sold out you will only be able to buy second hand.
  • If the doll you want is still available or there's an event you want to participate in, consider purchasing from the company.
  • If the company has long wait times and the doll is available second hand, consider getting the doll second hand.
  • If a doll is sold out, you may consider looking for a recast of that doll.

Do you have a specific look or concept in mind?

  • Is your doll based on your OC (original character)?
  • Is the doll based on a character from pop culture (an anime, a tv show, etc)?
  • Does the need to have anything very specific (like eyes, hair, body art, etc)?
  • Will the doll sculpt I choose need to be modded?
  • Do I want a mature or immature body?
  • What gender of doll do I want?
  • Will the doll body I choose be hard to clothe in the style I want?

What size do I want?
Are you interested in tinies, minies, or SDs? No one can tell you what size is best, as that's completely relative. Here are a few tidbits off the top of my head about each size to help you choose (these are just my opinion, things I've noticed, so take them for what they're worth):

  • Have a wide range of clothing and shoe options
  • Tend to be more mature
  • Tend to be heavy and bulky
  • Are usually more expensive, though cheaper SDs do exist

  • Slim minis can be a bit difficult to clothe and find shoes for
  • Heeled feet are less common for MSDs
  • They are lighter and easier to carry
  • Tend to be immature, though mature bodies do exist

  • Easy to carry
  • Usually much cheaper than their larger counterparts
  • Have lots of clothing options
  • Mature yos are pretty rare

Tinies and smaller
  • Way easy to carry and store
  • Wigs and eyes can be difficult to find sometimes
  • Lots of props (like rement) and things work well with tinies
  • Mature tinies are very rare
Narrow down your company choices:

  • Which companies fit your budget?
  • Which companies fit the style you like?
  • Which companies offer sculpts you like?
  • Compare you list of companies and prices and then choose!

No one can make the choice for you, but by taking things into consideration you can make the process a lot simpler for yourself.

I hope this helps some! I'll add more tips as I think of them or as others suggest them. 

As always, thank you for reading and happy collecting!

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