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Monday, May 27, 2013

My Thoughts on Ipernity and Flikr [Profanity warning: I swear a bit in here.]

A lot of other bloggers have written on this topic, but I'll chime in anyway. 

My random thoughts on the new Flikr:

  1. The CEO said some stupid shit. I say stupid shit all the time. If the product works, I'll excuse it. At least once.
  2. Some facts: the home page defaults to your friends' photos, not your stats. This is annoying, but dealable. On the plus side, you get to have a neato cover photo and pretty much unlimited storing and upload capacity. And if you're old kind of Pro, you get to stay that way.
  3. I'll be staying with the old Pro account, at least for awhile. I like not having ads, but I don't know if paying $24-ish per year is worth not having them. I'll have to check my free accounts to see how intrusive the ads are. They can't be worse than facebook.
  4. I don't use flikr as a community per say- the chatting, groups, and friends are awesome extras, but flikr is first and foremost image hosting for this blog.
  5. I don't like change. I can handle website overhauls (t would be nice to have had a warning, but whatever), but switching to a whole new  site would require loads of brainpower I don't have to spare.
  6. I didn't like new flikr at first because I have mom-brain, Yahoo was cryptic, and I didn't understand the updates and how that would affect me as a pro user. (Yeah, signed up two days before the update. Lucky me.)
  7. Flikr looks trendy now. I like trendy, despite my hipster nature (I had a camera before it was cool or something). It's the reason I bought an iPod and the reason I want an iPhone. A pink one. They appeal to my vanity.
  8. Since tons of people I like are defecting to Ipernity, I'm going to follow them and make an account so I don't lose them. While I may think that this basically amounts to taking your ball and going to play in the other sandbox, I see what the problem is for a lot of people… but everyone complains about facebook, and yet we're all still there. I haven't seen enough of a reason to run away permanently myself. So while I ramble, what I meant to say is I respect your stance and your choice. XD
  9. I'm lazy. It will just be a pain in the neck to import all my photos over to a new site, learn it, and form new connections there. Instead, I'll just join up, form new connections, and find my Flikr peeps again.
  10. I don't like drama. Yet, I still manage to run head-long into it. Leave it to me to like the one freaking photo hosting site chalk full of it. Or run a blog. On recasts. Will it never cease?
Thoughts on Ipernity so far:

  1. Love the layout. It's pretty, it's trendy, it's customizable.
  2. I don't find it very intuitive. It's streamlined, but some of the icons are small, and it took me forever to figure out how to "like" photos and upload photos to groups. Once I did it was simple though. Maybe a tutorial for that is in order, but I bet you're not as technologically challenged as I am.
  3. It's free, but I don't really notice the ads.
  4. Limited upload capacity per month (blows…)
  5. Haven't checked out the pro options for Ipernity yet, but will do soon.
  6. I like getting to see who stalks my page. I like getting to hide whose pages I stalk. XD
  7. I like how you can host all kinds of stuff here, documents, videos, etc, and not just pics.
  8. I like how you can mention sales stuff here!

Thanks for reading my fluff, and happy collecting. I hope I'll see you on both Flikr and Ipernity. <3

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