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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jack and Jill, Double Box Opening: Legitimate Fairyland Feeple 60 Mirwen and Chloe plus other stuffs

(The lighting is really bad in my house despite the sunlight, so apologies for the weird lighting in the pics. I decided against doing a video, since I figured I'd have to cut and pause every five seconds for the baby.)
So I ordered these guys around tax time this year. With no pressing obligations, I was able to do a dream order without feeling guilty. I got two Feeple 60s and all the Valentine items to go with them. After nearly three months waiting, they arrived this morning!

I woke up early to wait for the postman. I figured he'd show up with the slip in hand, ready to just leave it and take off without having to carry the package (I don't blame him, the box is heavy!). He was surprised when I opened the door. He had the form already all filled out and everything and was a bit annoyed he had to go back to the truck for the box.

The box, by the way, was huge.
the box

Everything was packed well. I was a bit surprised that I didn't get the smaller box a lot of people got with their extras in it. Instead, mine were wrapped in a bubble wrap pouch, nice and secure. I was also a bit bummed they ran out of calendars. I love the FL calendars. On the plus side, I got pretty blue boxes and some post cards.

the packing
Opening the box, lots of newspaper and weird foam thingies

outter boxes
The outer boxes
Post cards, foam thingy, and package containing event items.
event heads
1. Siean wrapped, 2. Siean, 3. Yder, 4. Yder wrapped up (two total heads)

space helmet
Space helmet and visor
spare hands
Spare hands (I bought these)
In order to meet the minimum requirement to get all three items, I bought an extra pair of hands and the visor to go with the pukifee helmet.

Manuals x2!
When I took the lids off, I noticed the foam on one box was poking out. Chloe's leg was up. She was in a hurry to get out of that box! Mirwen was much more calm. Both came with gorgeous eyes: Jack had the typical bright, bright blue, and Jill had a softer gray-ish blue.

Jack posed well right out of the box. The sculpting on this body is amazing. I love him. The boy body is much more detailed than the girl's body (I will do a comparison of the two bodies in a future post). He's my first SD boy, and has no clothes or anything yet.

For Chloe, I got the smaller bust option since I didn't really notice a size difference in the pics online. It is much more noticeable in person, and now I'm wishing I would have gotten the larger bust. She is still beautiful, even if she isn't sculpted as detailed as the boy. She was much more kicky. It fits her feisty personality.

jack and jill
Jack and Jill Close-ups
Jack and Jill
The size difference in their heads is surprising. The Mirwen head is soooo much smaller than my Lorina and Chloe's. He looks good next to Chloe, but really awkward next to Lorina, so I’m glad I decided against making them a couple.

jack and jill 2
Left: Feeple 60 Chloe, Jill; Right: Feeple 60 Mirwen boy, Jack

Nanuri A trying on the body
Rumpelstiltskin immediately stole the helmet. I was going to sell it, but after putting it on him there's just no way. It's too dang cute. My husband burst out laughing at him, saying, "He has a space helmet?"….and that sort of sealed it. Grimm, my Cheshire cat, thinks he's got another cat buddy coming soon. Little does he know his minion will be Rumpelstiltskin. (Another Cheshire cat is hopefully in my future though haha.) I might do a little photostory for that after I paint the helmet up and get some pukisha parts for Stilts .

My Review:

I'm pretty much a die-hard Fairyland fan. They didn't disappoint. The resin is good and strong (except for the event heads feeling very light), with no noticeable marks or scratches. The head caps don't seem to fit perfectly though. They look gorgeous, pose well, and were packed very well. Fairyland is worth the wait time in my opinion. I'm hoping I can get the funds together to grab a Moe body before they are marked sold out. T_T I'll probably have to put my Doll Ch√Ęteau plans on hold…pooh. 

I plan on doing some photo comparisons of the SDgr girl and F60 girl, as well as comparisons of the F60 girl and boy. There are no recasts available of the F60s at this point, but if they do become available I will do a post on identifying recast versions of these.  Stay tuned for a pic of the heads next to each other too.

Well, thank you for looking and for letting me share my new dolls. Happy collecting!

jack and jill 3
Jill on left, Jack on right

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