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Monday, August 1, 2016

iDyepoly Review

Having now dyed a doll with both iDye and RIT I can confidently say I prefer iDye for most BJD applications.

The colors are less accurate, but deeper and richer than you'd think. I was not able to make blue actually come out blue, which seems to be a common problem based on my internet research.

I've never tried to get blue from RIT, but I know it can be done.

RIT dye is easier to work with. It's less temperamental, takes more dunks to get a deep rich color so you can more easily control the shade you're going to end up with, and while warm you can kind of blend the color together before the piece dries and the color sets.

However, RIT dye rubs off pretty easily. I've gotten the majority of RIT off a resin piece with little more than a Magic Eraser sponge with some acetone.

Pink RIT powder dye on Recast Aileen Doll Ashes (Minion)

iDye poly is more particular to work with, especially if you use the color enhancer it comes with. You can get a deep, rich color almost instantly, and it's harder to control the exact shade you're going to get. I was not able to blend the dye to cover a couple awkward spots the way I could with RIT.

It does. not. come. off. I can't get it off. So far, no scuffing on the joints or scratching from play. I haven't taken any acetone to it since I don't actually have any on hand, but I'll update when I get a chance to check it out.

Iplehouse Bianca dyed purple and airbrushed with Blue iDyepoly (powder).

Should you choose iDye or RIT for your doll dyeing project?

  • Do you want the ability to remove the color should you change your mind, or you    have less experience with modding and dyeing? Go with RIT. 
  •   Do you want a greater predictability of color and the ability to more accurately    control the shade? Go with RIT until you get more practice. Then give iDye a shot.
  •   Do you want to dye a doll part that will be frequently moved, scuffed, or handled?    Choose iDye. (This is literally the best thing about idye. XD)
  • Do you want a deep, rich color? Choose iDye.

  •  You can airbrush over the top of either dye to even the color. Airbrushed colors and    sealants will scuff and wear down overtime.

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