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Monday, July 18, 2016

Clothing a Zaoll- In Progress

Zaoll are very tiny and a bit oddly sized. Here's a few things I've been learning about what they can and can't wear:

  • Most SD13 shoes, especially heels, are too narrow for their feet. 
  • SD16 heels all seem to fit, including these ones from Snake Eye BJD.

#3, the Snake Eye shoes fit, so most of these should fit pretty similarly since Moe also has wide feet.


  • Stretchy MSD tops seem to work great. I've tried MSD tops from rRabbit and nine9style and have had success.

    rRabbit MSD tank top, SD sweater, and Tree Design SD Shorts (too big)
  • SD13 tops are slouchy, which works if you're going for an oversized, comfy look.
  • SD10 tops, like this one from MVS on taobao, should fit I think, but I can't find it in my stash to confirm. It was snug on my larger SD girls' shoulders, so I think it would fit the slimness of the Zaoll body. 

    MVS top- a little snug on this SDgr recast body. Missing from my stash so I can't confirm.

    Especially since this MVS SD10/13 jacket that runs snug on my Feeples fits her much better.

    MVS Jacket
  • SD 16 will drown them. Avoid.


  • Every pair of SD bottoms I've tried has been too big. They'll work for photo's sake, but they fall off very easily. 
  • Skirts with elastic waists fit nicely in SD size.  I haven't tried any MSD elastic waistband skirts.


  • So far no problems really. I can stretch some MSD size pantyhose on her, and SD pantyhose run baggy at the crotch, just like SD pants do. 

Thanks for reading. I'll update this as I test more things out in the future! <3 Thanks for reading as always, and sorry this one wasn't as useful as usual!

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