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Monday, April 28, 2014

Some Taobao Terms

There are TONS of places to find taobao search terms, but I put together some random terms anyway. I believe the Resin Haven on Facebook still has the files available with these key words. Den of Demons also had (?) an amazing list of taobao terms.

Remember, Google Translate is amazingly helpful. Just put in random English words for things and see what pops up. Copy and paste the Chinese characters into taoabo and see what you find.

A Few Useful Shops (not mentioned in my reviews I don't think)

Start EVERY search with BJD. You can refine the search by adding the words for male or female, or different sizes. Here are a few random, common search terms. You can use google translate to find your own search terms.

女 = Girl
男 = Boy
3分 = 1/3 SD (or just type 1/3)
4分 = 1/4 MSD (or just type 1/4)
6分 = 1/6 Yo-SD (or just type 1/6)
Lati = lati yellow stuff (you can also type 1/8 or 1/12 to find things)
鞋 = Shoes
假发 = Wig
外套 = coat
夹克 = jacket
裙子 = skirt
制服 = uniform
耳机 = headphone       
连衣裙 = dress
裤子 = pants
眼 = eye
背景  = really cool backdrops
咖啡 = coffee and coffee colored things XD
手机 = cute cellphones
拉面 = cute noodle bowls and stuff
头带 = hair bands and hair accessories (there's a seller on esty selling some of these for double what they are on taobao)



  1. Hi I'm a Chinese girl who uses Taobao to order stuff for my BJD. If you need to know any terms to search for stuff in Taobao, Im more than happy to help.

    1. Thank you for your kind offer! ^_^ <3


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