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Monday, April 21, 2014

Licht Bjd Review!

I recently hosted a GO for Licht wigs and decided to do a review!

Communication: 6/10 They were good about communicating, letting me know things were out of stock and such. However, they never gave me the tracking number nor let me know they'd even shipped it. It showed up quite the surprise lol!

Quality: 8/10 The wigs don't look anything like the pics in many cases, and the two I bought and opened had a great deal of frizzies. I was disappointed by this. It's going to take a lot of styling to make them look like the pictures. You can see thin spots in a couple places on the wigs as well. However, the colors are beautiful and rich, and the fibers are soft and easy to work with.

Stock: 6/10 It seems like nearly a lot of things on the site were out of stock but not necessarily marked out of stock. We were then messaged about a few things that were no longer in stock.

Extras: We qualified for a free wig but they did not send it. I'm not too worried about this since I was planning on ordering even before I knew there was an event going on. Extras and freebies like this are always nice, and I don't judge a company for not including them.

Shipping: No airmail shipping option, and EMS for this order was insane. It was nearly $48 usd to ship this to us. I've paid less for larger Dollmore and Taobao orders. That's about the cost of shipping one minifee from Fairyland….. 0.o

Over all, they're really cute and affordable wigs, and hands down better than any of the Happy Camille wigs I have gotten in the past. Overall I'd order again.

Hope this is helpful! Here are pics of the two wigs I ordered (I didn't open anyone else's items):

the first one is L-435 in Rose Gold, size 7-8

 The second wig is Licht #L-382 in Vanilla, size 7-8

This wig looks much better after styling. These pics are before I styled it. It's still very cute!
The proportion is large enough I think I could have gone with a 6-7 on her and been fine, though
ordinarily I HATE 6-7 wigs on my minifees.

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