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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review: Mako Eyes (urethane)

Mako Eyes Review
Juri 08 (legit) wearing 12mm Makos


Size Range: 12mm to 22mm

Items: AM-006 (x2), DAN-009, AM-019, IB-017, AM-020

Price: $25 per pair; shipping is affordable. They offer very, very cheap airmail, and ems is affordable if you're doing a group order.

Communication: 2/5- They never replied to emails (I sent a total of 2 emails when the estimated shipping date had passed), and only responded on their Q&A board about four days after I asked there. I did receive an order confirmation and a shipping notice with tracking info.

Quality: 5/5- These eyes are bloody gorgeous, and for the price, way, way worth it. The colors are sharp and crisp, the irises are even.

Shipping speed: 3/5-While the initial estimate was a month, they actually shipped about a month and half (maybe a little less) after that. I was given a second estimate of 4/18, but they didn't actually ship until 4/21. They arrived three days later on 4/24.

Packing: 5/5-They arrived in this huge box, and my first thought was, "Uh, how many eyes did they send me?!" Turns out they were just packaged really, really well. Better than some dolls I've ordered.

Ease of Payment:  5/5- It was easy, just paid with paypal.


Mako eyes are made from urethane, the same stuff your resin bjd is made of. Urethanes can take a long time to make overall, sometimes as long as 9 months or longer. Mako cuts the time to a couple months at most. They are also more affordable than most urethane eyes (compare $25 Makos to $50 Vings, for example).

The eyes are gorgeous. They're pretty low dome, with flat backs. They're a bit difficult to position, but look gorgeous and photograph well. (I'll be doing an eye comparison post soon to show you the differences between urethanes, acrylics, and glass eyes.)

I can confidently say I will be ordering again. The range of colors is wonderful, from realistic to more fantasy colors. I wish they had smaller than 12mm sizing, as I have dolls that I prefer 8mm or 10mm, but it seems to be quite hard to find urethane eyes in those sizes. 

Outdoors with no flash

Indoors with flash

Hope this review was helpful. ^_^ Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

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