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Monday, April 7, 2014

Short Review: Eyelashes from Nomyens

Junko-Hime's New Faceup
Nomyens Strong Black modeled on Legit CP Soony

Item: I ordered 1 pair of Strong Black, and two pairs of Strong Cocoa Brown. (I'm wishing I would have been able to get more.

Price Range: $3.60-$6.00, $6 for the stronger colors/fuller lashes. Shipping is a tad pricey, but it is registered airmail. I had to sign for mine.

Communication: Good! She let me know when the items were going to ship and requested I leave feedback, which I did. 

I have lots of eyelashes from different companies, DDE, random ebay ones, and then a ton from taobao in different thicknesses and colors. A friend suggested I try Nomyens lashes, and I couldn't be more pleased.

They taper beautifully, are sturdy, and they're very full in a classy way. They have a very elegant effect compared to other eyelashes I've used.

I just used regular glue to attach them, but I believe she sells a special eyelash glue in her shop.I've never used this so I can't say whether it's good or not.

As a note, if you have a doll with very large eyes, like Soony in my example below, you may want two pairs of lashes to use on each eye. These were too small for her eyes, but I made do and they still look lovely.

Where to buy:

I will definitely be buying again!

Junko-Hime's New Faceup


  1. I have an eyelash question for custom face ups!!! Bottom eyelashes. I know they should be shorter and thinner, but do they work well on BJDs? I would prefer my dolls having real eyelashes top and bottom than having hand drawn bottom ones. Have you done it before? Any pointers?

    1. I've only seen this done a few times. I'll dig around to see if I can find the pictures. It's not very commonly done, as the scale can look a I imagine you can apply lower lashes the same way you would top lashes. I have a totally crappy, quick video tutorial for how I apply lashes here (I don't share this often and meant to delete it, lol, it's REALLY bad), that might help:

      There are also really good tutorials others have done on youtube, so that's worth checking out if you have time. ^_^

    2. I will totally check out the YouTube ones. Your link works and the video player but for some reason the screen stays black. I'll maybe try the link on my laptop later.


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