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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Minute Fur Arm and Leg Warmers

I have a guest post this week from Scarlet Study. She wanted to do a sewing tutorial for the first of my Tutorial Tuesdays (hey, it's still Tuesday!). This tutorial uses swatches of faux fur like those from Distinctive Fabrics online or from your local fabric shop. These arm and leg warmers are great for your ravers or scene kids. This tutorial is easily adjusted to work with other types of fabric or styles. 

Thanks Scarlet Study, and I hope you all enjoy. Now, on to the tutorial!

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersStep 1: Firstly, gather your needed supplies. You will need a pair of scissors or a rotary blade and a ruler , two pieces of long haired fur, a spray bottle, and a sewing machine or a hand needle and thread.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers
Step 2: Spray down the fur, this will make it more manageable. You don't need to soak the fabric but a light misting will keep the long fur from causing too much trouble.

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersStep 3: Next, find the middle of you fabric and spread the hair aside so that you can make a clear cut across the fabric without cutting the fur. This will make sure that your finished warmers have long hair extending passed the bottom of the warmer.

Step 4:

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersCut the fabric in half using either the rotary blade and ruler or a pair of scissors. Do this for both of your pieces of fur, giving you four in total. 
10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers

 -----> Use a ruler to make your line straight.

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersStep 5: Smooth the fur back down and separate the two smallest and two biggest pieces. These will be your arm warmers and leg warmers respectively. The fur will shed! Don't worry too much about this just pull of the excess fur gently so that you don’t unravel the fur more.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers

<----- See the fur shedding? Remove that stuff.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers
Step 6:

Fold the fur in half and pin. Make sure that you smooth the fur down in between the pins to make sure that the finished piece is smooth all the way around. Do this for all four pieces and then line them up. Make sure your arm warmers are roughly the same size. Do the same for your leg warmers. Your leg warmers should be larger then your arm warmers.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers
10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers
Step 7:

If you need trim your arm warmers even, cutting from the top NOT the bottom. Do the same for your leg warmers.

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersStep 8:

Sew the fur together, making sure that you use a strong stitch. I recommend going over the seam twice on a machine.

10 Min Arm and Leg WarmersStep 9:  Trim you strings, and then inside out the warmer.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers

Step 10:

 Try the warmers on your doll, if you need to inside out the warmer and sew them smaller. If you do this be careful when cutting the seam down (so that it won't be too bulky inside) so that you don’t cut the fur awkwardly. Be sure to smooth the fur towards the inside and then cut.

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers 

And you're done!

10 Min Arm and Leg Warmers

Thanks for looking, and Happy collecting!


  1. I'd like to suggest to cut the fur from the backside using a craft blade. The fur barely sheds if at all if you cut it that way.


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