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Monday, March 25, 2013

SDgr Girl Posing

A gal on Castaways asked for some pics of Lorina posing. Here are a few quickies I snapped the other day. I plan to do more and take better ones soon. Enjoy for now!

I hadn't originally planned on  blogging these, but I thought it might be useful. I had to crop myself and a couple Pepsi cans out of the photos. XD 

Tomorrow we will begin our Tutorial Tuesdays, and I hope to have one up at least every other week. It will be a sewing tutorial from a guest writer, Scarlet Study (her Munin was featured last Friday). And remember, if you'd like your doll to be a Friday Feature or you've got a tutorial you want to share, drop me a line! I'm also looking for people willing to assist with some recast legit comparisons. 

Enough blabbing and onto the photos!

SDgr Poses
Here are her legs posing by themselves, completely unsupported; she is balanced on the ball of the heeled foot. These are the heeled legs, so they lack an ankle and mobility joint. 

These legs have slightly less posing possibilities than the flat legs.

 In my opinion, she could easily hug her knees to her chest or suwariko sit in the other legs. She cannot do so in these legs because we can't adjust her ankles nor her thigh joints. 

She has been hot-glue sueded in the joint where the top of the thigh meets the pelvis. I do believe that is helping with the support here.

SDgr PosesThis is a side-view of the same pose.

She can do this pose in heels as well as with her torso attached.

In the next pose, she is hunched over. This is to show the notches in her back. I sanded the notches a little bit deeper to help hold the pose more, and I plan on doing a little bit more of that soon. She is sueded in all her upper body joints (except for elbows and wrists).

SDgr PosesSDgr Poses

SDgr Poses

SDgr Poses

SDgr Poses 

And there you have it, some basic poses with the SDgr body and heeled legs. While it is not as good a poser as a Fairyland body, it does pose well and it looks pretty while doing it.  Sueding definitely helps, as does a good restringing if you got a recast.

Hope this helps, and thank you for looking. Happy collecting!

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