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Monday, March 11, 2013

Recast vs Legit: Alter-Egos

[A fluff piece because I've had a pretty crappy week and don't really want to think but still want to gripe about stuff.]

I'm no honey badger. I keep my recast and legit alter-egos completely separate, well, as separate as I can.

For those of you who aren't the type to post carefree across the interwebs your recast and legit resin munckins, this is for you:

1. Don't post links on DoA to flikrs or sites that contain/promote recasts. If you get caught with a flikr link (including pictures that link) with a recast on that account, you'll get banned from DoA.
            a. Recasts are like Fight Club.
            b. You don't talk about Fight Club (on DoA)

2. Don't post dolls on the same flikr accounts. Keep recasts on one flikr, legits on the other. If your recasts and legits never cross virtual paths your DoA account won't (hopefully) be associated with recasts.

3. Don't post recasts as legits. You will get found out. 

4. Online reputation does matter, like it or not. Many people feel concerned with the thought of buying a recast at legit prices on the second hand market. While you may not be the sort of person that does that, I bet you there are some who do. You don't want the stigma of recasts affecting your ability to sell your dolls.

5. No posting where they aren't welcome, expressing disdain for places where they aren't welcome, and being spiteful. It doesn't help anyone and certainly doesn't help the recast cause.

6. Don't immediately spew out information about where you bought your recast and how to just any stranger who sends you a message. My personal fear of White Knights is why I don't tell others where to buy recasts.

7. Don't post crap about sending dolls off to be recast, wanting dolls to be recast to spite someone, etc. on the anonymous blogs. Whether those comments are true or not, you'd be hurting the face of recast ownership and giving the opposition more ammunition against us. While this doesn't necessarily pertain to keeping one's identities separate, it is relevant.

8. Consider having separate Paypal accounts for recast vs. legit dealings. I keep records of who I sell to and their user names (because I find it really interesting to see all the parts of the world I get to mail stuff to), and I've found some DoA people on Castaways and vice versa. I keep it to myself, as I damn well should, but you should be aware that there could be far less honest people using this information against you. I wish I would have thought about this myself before diving into the BJD world in general.

As always, be safe, be smart. What's the saying? On the internet you could be talking to a dog or some such thing… In any case, conduct yourself with caution, restraint, and common sense and you should be fine.

If you are the brave types, the honey badgers, good on you. Behave yourselves. You are the face of recast owners, and we depend on you to fight the stigma.

Any other ideas for keeping your identities separate? Thoughts on whether you find this necessary? Post below!

Keep calm and happy collecting!

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