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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Feature: Munin

Vampire Woosoo
Welcome to our first Friday Feature! Today's featured doll is Munin, a legitimate Minifee Woosoo girl. Her owner, Scarlet Study, has written up some info about her girl and shared some pictures. Read about her character and enjoy!

"Munin is my first minifee and my second doll. She is a legit minifee vampire WooSoo on a large bust body. Munin was originally my sister’s doll and was her Hugin’s sister. However, one day I asked my sister if I could barrow Munin, who was a floating head at the time, because she seemed sad to me. My sister loaned me a body from one of her other minifees so that I could sew for them. After several months of Munin living at my house, and 20-30 outfits later, my sister announced that Munin seemed so much happier with me that she was now my Christmas/ Birthday/ and Graduation gift! Since then Munin has been living with me! I spend most of my time sewing for my dolls and Munin puts up with it admirably.

Besides Munin’s change of residence, she also changed relationship status with Hugin, becoming his long distance lover instead of his sister. It seemed much cuter that way, as she always seems to be pining and Hugin is an incredible flake."

Check out these pictures of Munin and visit Scarlet Study's Flikr here!


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Vampire Woosoo

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