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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

KKerrin Doll Mae Review

I stumbled across this sculpt on Flickr awhile ago and forgot about her. She resurfaced on my feed, and I fell in love. I purchased her from the artist's etsy at the beginning of February.

The artist is based in Russia. It took approximately four weeks from the time I ordered to arrive at my door, accounting for 2 weeks in transit.

The artist is quick to respond, and her English is good. She answered all my questions and was very nice to chat with.

This doll is currently not on topic for Den of Angels, because according the mods she has not properly submitted the doll for topicality. Hopefully Kkerrin will do this soon!

Artist Etsy
Artist Flickr


The head is MSD size, but very small MSD, with realistic proportions. She fits in a 6-7 wig, though all my 6-7s slide off her head. I think she's closer to a 6" wig.

5mm pupils work best in her, but they gap on the side. I'm currently on the hunt for the right size of eyes for her. (Just ignore the gaping in the photos for now.) The artist suggested 6mm-8mm fish eye style eyes.

She arrived in the cutest little box with a certificate of authenticity.

The resin appears to be French resin. It's slightly translucent, but thick and has great texture. There was the tiniest bit of flashing in the mouth around the teeth, but absolutely nothing bad.

It most closely matches Fairyland and Supia normal skin resin. Here is a picture of her head cap against some resins I have:

The ear is Supia Normal Skin, Fairyland White is to the left, and Fairyland normal skin is the blushed hand.
In real life, the Supia Normal Skin is the closest match.


This doll is technically a faceplate with a head back. There are no magnets to hold the faceplate on, but I've had no issues with the faceplate falling off due to the way she's sculpted the pieces. They fit together nicely. When I got her, she had a bit of hot glue assisting the faceplate. I will be using a bit of eye putty for that in the future. 


Over all, I LOVE her. She makes me love MSDs again, and I'm looking forward to affording a body for her. She was worth every penny spent, and I cannot recommend her enough.

Go follow her flickr and go ogle her face ups too. Kkerrin is a very under appreciated artist. 

Enjoy some other pics of her below, and thank you for reading! <3

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