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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Updates: I'm Back!

It's been about 6  months since my brother died. I can't say I'm really much better, but I'm coping better. I haven't written anything really since he died, and it feels good to be getting my spark back.

There for awhile, I'd gotten a bit soured by the BJD community and started feeling burnt out and overwhelmed again.

While I still feel a little bored and overwhelmed, I think that is starting to abate.

I'm going to resume posting doll-related stuff here, some of which is likely to ruffle some feathers/offend people. I like writing so it's good for me to keep at it, and dolls provide lots of inspiration.

I'm going to start with a 2 times per month schedule, posting on Mondays. This week's post is an Artist head review on KKeRRin dolls. Please check her out and give the artist some love!

Some upcoming post ideas I have:
  • EID Woman Review and Posing Pics
  • Zaoll Review and Posing Pics
  • Modding a Single Joint Elbow to a Double
  • Some clothing and Prop Reviews
  • The Decline of the Second Hand Market (and what that might mean for the future of the hobby)
  • Confession Blogs and Why They Suck
  • Why You Should Go Outside (With your dolls!)
  • Dolls and the Grief Process
  • What fits a Zaoll
  • What fits an EID Woman
  • And possibly a guest post on different types of fibers for wig making
I've updated a bunch of the pages to link to more posts. There's a still a bunch of unclassified posts, but I''ll get to them eventually. I'm trying to do a few at a time and make sure everything worthwhile is easily referenced.

As usual, I hope this blog continues to be a good source of information. Chances are I've written about your question before, so feel free to search the blog. If I haven't answered it yet in the past, I'm always interested in new topics and ideas. No matter how dumb you think a question is, feel free to ask away. I always answer the best I can. Check out the archive- I've written probably a hundred posts since this blog's been active.

I'm considering changing to a website instead of the blog, though I'm not yet sure about that. Anyone have any thoughts? Would that be better for you than a blog? I know websites are a bit easier to search for info, but my HTML is limited.

Regarding Emails: Please, if I haven't responded to an email know I'm just really lazy and hate checking email. It's best to comment directly on a post, especially one like this. XD

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  1. Sorry for about your loss. I haven't visited your page in a long time, but I was looking up images for MNF Chloe dolls and recognized your name in the search results. A lot of BJD familiars who have been in the hobby have also reported that they are tired of the "community" but, I'm glad you've decided to keep with it. I've withdrawn from a lot of the online aspect of the ABJD world, but that doesn't mean I've left the hobby by any means. There are a lot of new people in forums, many from a whole different generation than those who have been in the hobby for years. I hope it doesn't sour things for you, and I hope you're feeling better. If you can use dolls as a way to get to a happy place, other people shouldn't hurt that. I look forward to future posts.


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