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Monday, March 28, 2016

Iplehouse B.I.D Review and Posing

Hi again everyone! I realized I never did a post on my lovely little BID Anne, Pearl Kingston. (I made the little lady a DoA doll profile though!)

Basic Review:

I purchased her last year on impulse. I wanted a little YoSD and fell in love with her because A) my name is Ann, and B) teefs. I love dolls with teeth! I bought her in their white skin, which is a lovely rosey-pink white that almost looks like a very, very pale normal skin.

She shipped very quickly, and arrived in what's probably the cutest doll box I've ever owned. Thankfully, it was spared along with her paperwork when my basement flooded.

As far as criticisms, sad to say but her acrylic eyes sent with her from Iplehouse cracked, so I never ended up using them. I'm not a fan of lower-end acrylic eyes, so I swapped her out with some blue Makos I had laying around. I'd much prefer more realistic eyes in her, but I'm lazy and have yet to do so.

Also, she does have rough seam lines, nothing I couldn't fix myself, but they keep collecting dirt and color from her stockings which is a little inconvenient.

All in all, 10/10 for quality and service.

Info: Though she calls for 14mm eyes, I prefer 12 or 10mm for more realisim. Her head is a little smaller than a 6-7, so I'd guess she's almost a 6" exactly.

The little chubby thing is big, like all Iplehouse dolls are, and a lot of YoSD clothing runs small. Any YoSD shoes I've tried fit her fine. I can force a lot of stuff onto her body, but then her limbs have reduced movement. Promise of the World clothing is the worst offender. It's cut really, really small. Some of the more generic stuff on taobao fits her as long as it has a little stretch, and she's never without this little bear jacket:

Note that she has not been sueded, and has not been restrung so she's like ridiculously floppy. Most of these pics were taken at night by lamplight when my kids were asleep, so pardon the gross flash.

First let's start with some head movement. The head has limited range of mobility for up and down movement. You have to use the torso joint to really give the illusion of more movement than is there. This is due partly to the way they sculpted the slope of the BID neck as well as the way the faceplate and head back meet.

The head has difficulty tilting to the side, as in bringing the ear to the shoulder, but it can turn and swivel just fine in its entirety.

Next up, let's look at hand and arm range of motion. The elbow joints on this doll are fabulous. They are pretty, sturdy, and allow her to touch her lips and the top of her head, among other things.

 The wrists can move fine as well.

Torso movement is excellent. She can go almost all the way over backwards if you're okay with the joint being dislocated.

Side to side range of motion is just as good.

She can touch her toes, if you allow her butt joint to pop out and slightly over-bend her torso.
Now let's look at the legs. The locking mechanism in the leg socket will be familiar to people with pukifees. It's similar in concept, with the little peg clicking into each slot to help hold poses. It would work much better if she were strung tighter.

It allows her to lock into positions like this, which is almost a full squat. Her knees are bent and she is leaning forward, but she is sturdy.

Okay, here are some other poses using her mobility joint, the locks in her knees and elbows, etc.

I've used her mobility to joint plus a bend in the torso to pull off this pose.

Yep, that's an Iplehouse doll standing on one leg.

Graceful little pose.

Standing with one leg bent and slightly leaning.

Next up, some various laying down/kneeling type poses:

The knee joints are actually quite pretty, and are well hidden in the calf. You pull them up and
lock them into place to hold the knee in various positions.

And there you have it! She's an excellent little poser, and very affordable and sturdy for a YoSD. Thank  you for looking, and do let me know if this helps you decide whether or not to adopt your own little Iplehouse BID!

Thanks for reading as always, and happy collecting.

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