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Monday, March 14, 2016

Iplehouse EID Woman Review and Poses

[As an additional note, Lahela is for sale. If you're interested in adopting her shoot me a messaged on facebook or tumblr. Due to her damage and Iplehouse's shittastic resale value, I'm asking $600 plus shipping.]

Mold: Iplehouse Lahela, Light Brown Skin, large bust option, no mobility legs
Note: Lahela is only available through Iplehouse's Full Custom System, which is available the first ten days of each month I think.
Site:, however I received her in a trade.

Clothing Options:

The Iplehouse stereotype is that they all end up dressed like "sluts" (I hate this word) or look like Barbie dolls. That's a sad circumstance largely based on the fact that there is very, very little in the way of custom clothing for these dolls unless you want fantasy or evening gowns. Casual wear in the affordable price range is hard to find, and mostly only on Iplehouse's site itself.

I am working on a What Fits thread which will be here when I get it done.

Slightly Offensive Theory Coming, Plus Resale Advice:

Iplehouse owners tend to be similar to the collectable fashion doll crowd. They tend to prefer mint condition dolls with default face ups, and require paperwork and proof of purchase. Consider this when selling an Iplehouse doll second hand. (I say tend because not everyone feels this way. They don't. So if I've offended, please just gloss over this part and get to the actual meat of this post. You can rip me a new one in the comments. XD I'm thinking especially of people who do stuff like that insanely incredible Viking set up with all the Iplehouse dolls. Holy hell do I admire that.)

Additionally, Iplehouse rarely fetches close to its value on the second hand market because, according to my theory, like fashion dolls, Iplehouse is considered to lose its value once out of the box or no longer mint. It doesn't help the entire second hand market is basically dead.

As an additional second hand sales note, you may be accused of selling a recast as legit if you have no paperwork or headplate, even if the doll is not on the recast master list and is known to not be available for recast or if the recasters cannot mimic the skin tone of the doll. So, please, if you're going to resell an Iplehouse doll make sure to keep a damn good hold on these parts. I lose my shit constantly. I reeeeeally need to work on this.

Resin and Skin Tone:

The tan is fabulous. It's beautiful, even, with seam lines that aren't super noticeable in my opinion. However, when she was damaged on her leg here, you can see how odd the tan is. It doesn't actually seem to be all the way through the resin. You can see the pale bits in this picture below.

I haven't messed with it any more than that because I don't want to damage her further, and tan skin scares me. I imagine it could be buffed out and would be a solid color again.

 photo IMG_49051_zpspikbf7zv.jpg

Her face, hands, and body are gorgeous. She's basically a gorgeous brick. I love everything about her face. If I could put her on a better posing body I would, and were she not tan I'd hybrid her for sure. The detailing in her cheekbones and lips is among the best of any doll I've owned. If you want a beautiful doll, you cannot go wrong with Iplehouse.


I'll preface this by referring you to my post here on JID girl posing. My JID girl had mobility thighs and could do considerably more than my EID without them. I will be doing a comparison of her body against some other SDs I have here in a few months. Also, as a warning, most of these photos are pretty bad. XD I took them at night quickly in between my kid's night feedings. I'll try to make time to retake them in better lighting. I did the best I could for now! These photos have like no editing other than lighting corrections so what you're seeing is what she actually looks like. :3

Also, these are done with her heeled feet, making them even more impressive, imo.

With some clever angles you can avoid some of the awkwardness of the joints when you force them out of their usual positions. For example, here I have her crossing her legs:

What you can't see is that, due to the lack of mobility joint, I had to pop the joint out at the hip so there is a large gap. Clever angling makes all the difference!


She can touch her face.

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