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Monday, March 23, 2015

Identifying a Recast: Aileen Doll

Legit Violet
As many of my readers know, I mostly own recast Aileen Doll dragons. I recently purchased my first legit dragon, and thought I would share some things that I found.

Company: Aileen Doll


Sculpts Available Recast: Ashes, Rot, Sleeping/Dreaming Ashes, egg

Stringing: Recast AD generally have their legs strung backwards (unless the current owner has switched them).

Backwards legs.

Resin quality: The AD resin is heavier and better textured than the recast resin. Both are impeccable in terms of finishing. Neither has seam lines or sanding marks. Recast Ashes' eye wells are incredibly fragile (as are their wings). I've broken them before easily doing mods. Even on my tiny little Violet, legit eyelids are strong.
Broken eyelids, contributed to making my mod look neater though.

Resin color: I cannot say much about resin matching, as my only legit dragon is purple and my recasts are exclusively white. I can say I highly doubt recasts would have a perfect color match. I'll update this when I'm able to order a legit Ashes next.

Boxes: My legit Violet came in this pretty box with pillows and foam wrapping.

Certificates: I'm assuming all AD come with certificates, or if they didn't before they will now. The certificate is large-ish, on good quality paper with an embossed logo. Handwritten is the name of the original purchaser, the type of doll, and the serial number of the doll.

You can see this post here for more info on the recast dragons.

As always, thank you for reading and happy collecting!

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