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Monday, March 2, 2015

Identifying a Recast: Migidoll

***Disclaimer: I do not own recasts of this company, but I would appreciate any useful tips from anyone who currently owns one. Pictures for identification/comparison purposes are welcomed as well. If you have a recast MD boy, you can message me on anon on tumblr, via email, or here in the comments. If you choose to help me, you can be left anon or credited. Your choice!***

I don't own a recast Migidoll, but I thought this might be helpful since I own legits.

Sculpts available recast: Cho, Miho, Ryu

If you're buying one of the sculpts available as recast secondhand, here are some things to ask about or watch for.

Legit Migidoll come in plastic tube thingies, like this. On the outside of the tube you'll find a printed label with the company's logo, the name of the sculpt, and the resin color. These might be handwritten.

The inside of the headcap is stamped and will have a sharp, clear image like this:

On the inside of the head, a code is printed. This code should match the code on the certificate. 

One of my legit Migidoll boys came with his paperwork, the other didn't. Migidoll paperwork is basically a business card sized blue envelope with the company logo embossed in silver across the top. It contains a Migidoll business card with their name and contact info. and a laminate-type card with rounded corners. 

This card is called a "Guarantee Card" and has the name of the sculpt with it's resin color written on it, as well as a serial number. I haven't checked it out myself, but I'm assuming the serial numbers are unique to the specific head you have, rather than the entirety of the sculpt. I've blocked out most of the serial number on mine so it can't be copied easily.

Resin tone:
Recast NS *tends* to be closer to Fairyland Pink skin or Volks Normal Skin. In real life, it's not quite close to either, but is more yellow than FL skin.Since most recasts tends to be made in FL or Volks Normal Skin, here is a photo comparison between a new, legit FL hand and a Migidoll head cap:

Thanks for reading! I hope this was useful.  :) Be sure to ckeck in next time for a post on Identifying Recasts LLT.

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