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Monday, March 16, 2015

Identifying a recast: La Legende De Temps

About LLT: Is a one woman sculpting business, ran by a Chinese lady named Julia.


The following sculpts from LLT are available recast: Little Edria and Roderich; Roderich comes by default on the SD17 body. 

If you purchase these heads second hand, you should be aware of what comes with the legit heads in order to establish legitimacy.

Identification card:

This little card contains the number of the sculpt, the name of the sculpt, the assigned gender of the sculpt, the date/birthday the sculpt was made, and should have this picture on the back.

Mine also has the artist's signature and a handwritten sentiment. I have blocked out these in order to limit potential forgeries.

They come in a small white box with the LLT logo on top, like this:

Inside the back of the head, on the headcap, you will find a raised seal with the letters "LLT". On a recast, this will be blurred or indented.

The finish on the outside of the head is flawless, with little to no seam lines. On the inside, there is some bumpiness from the initial sculpting. This is hard to photograph, but it is there if you look hard enough.

Resin color: Matches Volks.


I have two LLT sculpts, both legit. I do not own recasts of LLT. My second LLT I neglected to ask for the certificate and box, so we will see comes. I know this head is legit, because it is not available recast.

Thank you for reading! Next time, the subject will be Aileen Dolls. :3

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