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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Juri 12 vs Juri 08

(Apologies in advance for the crap unedited cellphone pics. Any weird formatting is because I'm on mobile writing this.)

So I decided to reshell my Juri 08 into an SD, and I thought Juri 12 (the updated version of Juri 05 back in CP's Luts days) was the closest. I'm not brave enough to mod Juri 12's eyes to be more narrow, but I did mod her mouth. Here are some pictures of 12 vs 08 before the mods on Juri 12:

As you can see they are basically identical, except for Juri 12s eyes being less narrow. A brave modder could easily make a Juri 08 clone with her. 

And for kicks and giggles, here is Juri 12 with a slight mouth mod and the face up in progress. (I'll update when she's done. )

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