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Monday, December 30, 2013

Aileen Doll Ashes Recast Identifiers [revised]

New information about recent Ashes dragons at the end of this post. (As of Jan 2014).

The legs were put on backwards.

The eyes sent were too small for his head, but that's another no biggie since he needs dragon eyes.

There was little in the way of seamlines, and didn't notice them any more after he was dyed.

There was a lot of flashing in the joints and string channels, easily removed with a tooth pick.

There is some very thin resin at the shoulders, where the wings sit.The weak areas can be reinforced with epoxy.

thin spots

Recast Identifiers:

I don't own a legit Ashes [yet!!!], but I can see some things that will help identify a recast for a concerned person:

*Different resin color than a legit
*The Aileen Doll company stamp is raised on the recast instead of indented (this is caused by the molding process of the recast).
*Irregularly drilled string channels
*Texture- nearly all of my recasts have a different texture than their legit counter parts.

Any more tips or differences for Aileen Doll recasts vs legits?

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!

EDIT and important note:

Dragons purchased after the date of this post (December 2014) all seem to have the same flaw. The hook on the dragon's left paw is broken. The recasters have improvised, by installing an o-ring and s-hook set up. This is also true of my dragon's wing. It doesn't seem to affect the posing, but this is also a clear indicator of recast status. Pictures of this coming soon.


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  2. He is a cutie!!
    I wanted to ask, do you keep your recast dolls separate from your legit ones, like on flickr fb and simmilar websites?

    I wanted to know because I am getting a gift doll and I dunno if he/she is recast and I wont be purchasing the doll from the dealer for a while (I want twins), but I don't wanna make a new tumblr account for it. He/she wont be sold as it is a gift, it will stay here forever


    1. That's a great question, and I'll do my best to answer.

      When I was more involved in the community on DoA, I made sure to keep my recasts and legits completely separate. You can be banned from DoA if you link to a site that contains a recast, so it was better to be safe than sorry!

      I am not as involved there anymore, and I tend to stick to recast-friendly communities now. On facebook, I share them both equally, and I always note which are legit and which are recast.

      I have legits and recasts on my flicker, though I do have a flicker for DoA only that doesn't have recasts on it. I share them both equally on my deviant art account as well.

      I think that as long as you do not post your doll on DoA or link to it until you know whether it is recast or legit or not, you should be just fine!

      I hope that answers your question. Also, if you aren't sure if the doll is recast or legit, feel free to email me (just let me know here that you did because I never check my email), or pop over to the Recast BJD Haven facebook group. We can help you figure out if it is recast or legit. :)

      Hope that helps!

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    3. As an FYI for all my wonderful readers, I don't check it often, but you can reach me at or on flicker. If anyone does message me, poke me here on the blog so that I go check. I have a weird anxiety thing about checking email. No idea why. I hate it. XD


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